Walking Dead Parenting

14 Ways Parenting is Like The Walking Dead

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Last night I laid in bed thinking over the season finale of The Walking Dead.  Wondering who was on the other end of Negan’s bat, Lucille.

Who is it?

Damn, October is a long time to wait.

I realized it’s like parenting. You think things are going fine until you’re surrounded and you wonder how you got here.

Then you have to resign yourself to the notion that you’ll just have to wait to see how it all plays out because some things are just out of your control. It’s alike in other ways too.

Parenting is a tough job no matter what age your kids are. Here's 14 ways kids drive us nuts and make it feel like we're part of the walking dead #thewalkingdead #parenting #kids #parentproblems


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Here’s my take on why parenting is like The Walking Dead.

#1 No matter how much you think you’re prepared, you’re not. 

Parenting is always new territory. Situations come up you could never have imagined.

#2 Just because you are in charge doesn’t mean you know what you are doing.

You’re mostly just stumbling around as you go along, just like everybody else.

Just when you think you finally have it all figured out, you realize you don’t know shit.

#3 Being the leader doesn’t mean you always get the respect you deserve, nor is it automatic.

The person in charge isn’t always holding it together.

We all have our unsteady moments. Humility and forgiveness go along way to regaining trust.

#4 When it gets hard, you can trust your friends to be there. 

Whatever you call it, parenthood is your gang, tribe, group, club.

#5 Sometimes you have to leave things you love behind and move on.

Life is evolving, changing and so are you. Even when you don’t want to sometimes it’s just the way it is. You can’t control everything.

#6 It can be really scary.

You are going to have to do things you don’t want to do.

You’re going to have to do things you don’t know how to do.

You need to figure it out anyway. You’re in it for the long haul.

#7 Sleeping with one ear open becomes the norm.

Noise brings problems, but silence might be worse.

#8 Personal hygiene is a thing of the past, as are long, hot showers.

Short hair is easier but hairdressing appointments are few and far between.

Cutting your own hair might happen unless you are going for the look that says ” I sleep in the woods”.

#9 Eating quickly with your hands while standing up may happen more often than you’d like.

As will eating things other people have left behind. 

Don’t underestimate the comfort to be found in large quantities of chocolate pudding… maybe while hiding on the roof.

#10 Finding a makeshift bathroom in odd places becomes a necessity.

When your kid has to go, they’ve got to go.  Bushes, parking lots and empty bottles while riding down the road may happen.

“No, no one is looking, just go dammit.”

#11 By the end of the day someone is usually going to get it.

It might even be you.

#12 Sometimes one stupid mistake ruins everyone’s time.

Things can go bad fast and they will.

But it doesn’t have to prove fatal. Adaptability is critical.

#13 Some make it harder to love them, but you love them anyway

You’ll protect them any way you can, but you can’t always be by their side.

#14 Even when you are sick and tired you just keep going.

You survived today. Tomorrow you will do it all over again.

By the way, the picture is of my own kids last Halloween.

Walking Dead Parenting

I could come up with more, but I have important things to do. 

I need to keep replaying the last few minutes of The Walking Dead so I can figure out who got killed.  October is just too far away.

Who do you think it is?   Daryl, don’t leave us.

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2 thoughts on “14 Ways Parenting is Like The Walking Dead”

  1. Ha ha, I was going to say I agree with #3 and #7, but after re-reading the list, I am just going to agree to all!

    Thanks for the chuckle. Season premier this Sunday! Yay!


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