Babysitter Business Kit


Is your teen or tween always bugging you for money?

Do they often wish they had money to spend any way they want?

Do they wonder and pester you about how they can earn extra money?

Mine do that too.

But what can you do when they’re still too young to get a job?

How about babysitting?  

Most of us babysat at one time or another.

Not sure if your teen is interested or if your tween is even ready? Read this to find out.

Tweens and teens these days want to make some money…hey who doesn’t?

  • But how do you get started? 
  • Where do you find babysitting clients? 
  • How do you get clients to keep calling you again and again?

With the Babysitter Business Bundle, you can!

Everything they need to…

  • Find the right babysitting clients
  • Impress clients
  • Get and keep more babysitting jobs

Put together this set of babysitting business printables so they can get started today!

This Babysitter Kit Includes…

  • 16 forms 
  • 12-month customizable calendar
  • 5500-word guide to walk you through using each form and tips for getting off to a great start

Download The Babysitter Business Bundle and start making money right away!