3 Valentine’s Day Ideas as a Single Mom

Valentine's Day as a single mom doesn't have to be depressing. Hop on over for one of these fun ideas to make it the best Valentine's Day you can.

Okay, let’s face it…your first Valentine’s Day as a newly single mom is probably going to suck. You’re still sad, mad, lonely or all three. How much more can it be rubbed in and highlighted than a national holiday celebrating lovers? 😣 *Sigh  So what’s a single girl, a single mom to do on Valentine’s … Read more3 Valentine’s Day Ideas as a Single Mom

5 More Tips When Separating from Your Spouse

Use these practical tips when separating from your spouse. This advice will help put you on on solid footing at such a difficult time.

If you didn’t see my first 5 tips when separating, jump back.  That earlier post on separating dealt with the emotional side.  This one is more about the practical side when separating.    This post contains affiliate links. I will earn a commission at no additional charge to you if you make a purchase using my … Read more5 More Tips When Separating from Your Spouse

Newly Separated from Your Spouse? Do These 5 Things Right Away

Being newly separated and possibly heading for divorce is a scary time. Use these tips to gain some control over the overwhelm. #divorce #separation #marriageproblems

Being recently separated from your spouse isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Sometimes that means a focus for a recommitting to a stronger, happier marriage, sometimes it brings a brand new life without your spouse. Either way, these tips truly will be … Read moreNewly Separated from Your Spouse? Do These 5 Things Right Away

Date Night Planning Checklist Printable

Get this date night planning checklist to make sure nothing gets in the way.

Welcome to Day 14 of 30 Days of Printables.  Yesterday’s new printable was a Party Guest List Tracker. If you didn’t already, you can get that HERE.  Along with the matching Party Planning Checklist from Day 11 and the Party Menu Plan from Day 12. Current subscribers can also find it in the Exclusive Resource Library. Not a subscriber yet?  … Read moreDate Night Planning Checklist Printable

Sexy Sticky Notes

Sexy Sticky Notes

I am super excited about the website The Dating Divas. If you haven’t checked them out, they are THE blog for marriage tips and fun activity products. They even have cool downloadable, printable packs to connect with your teens and younger kids too. I don’t get anything if you go to The Dating Diva site…I just love … Read moreSexy Sticky Notes

22 Sexy Texts to Send Your Husband

sending sexy text messages

Keeping things sexy and romantic after a billion years together takes work.  Sending hot and flirty text messages to your husband is a fun way to keep things spicy. It’s just so easy to fit into your schedule when it seems like time is the last thing you have. When you’re young, or in our … Read more22 Sexy Texts to Send Your Husband

One Reason I’m Glad I Was A Caregiver And One Reason I’d Never Do It Again

caregiver sacrifices

Caregiving is a tough job. Caregiving full-time, as in around the clock, is insanely hard. Doing it with a growing family and a marriage to nurture nearly broke me. There’s one reason I’m glad I was a caregiver and one reason I’d never do it again. Many of my 2016 posts were about caregiving. It … Read moreOne Reason I’m Glad I Was A Caregiver And One Reason I’d Never Do It Again