5 Things to Do When Your Pet Dies

When dealing with the loss of a pet what can you do to help you and your family grieve and remember your pet so you can move on and cherish the memories. #loss of pet #dogs #parenting

It’s been a tough few weeks around here.  Our beautiful, sweet dog Mae passed away.  Death is never easy, but when it’s an unexpected loss it’s hard to know what to do next.  When a your beloved pet dies it’s difficult on everyone, kids and adults alike. If you’re here, I’m so sorry for the … Read more

Best Reason for Tweens and Teens to Exercise

Make exercise for tweens and teens an important part of their mental health routine. Self-care is an important key to curbing those attitudes. #tween #teen #teenhealth

We’ve been focusing a lot around here on attitudes and self-care.  Both for kids and moms. A key component in taking care of yourself and boosting your mood is exercise.  Or at least physical activity of some kind. Exercise and physical activity are decreasing more and more with tweens and teens. From getting lost in … Read more

Hydration: Why It’s So Important for Teens

Is your teen drinking enough water? Did you know it's an important key to taming their attitude? Find out why hydration in teens is so important.

Keeping our teens properly hydrated is an important factor in their overall health and well-being.      I’d be willing to bet most of us underestimate how much proper hydration affects us and how many of us really aren’t drinking enough…teens included.   I’ve been posting a lot lately about all the ways our tween’s … Read more

Easy Ways To Relax For Tweens To Try Today

Is your tween or teen stressed out from too many activities? Try these techniques to help tweens and teens slow down and relax.

Try one of these relaxation techniques to help tweens and teens slow down. Most people think of toddlers when they think about kids who need to slow down.  But tweens and teens are some of the most active age groups with the most stress. Stress, depression, and anxiety are at all-time highs for tweens and … Read more

Is Your Tween Getting Enough Sleep?

From problems at school to attitudes at home, tweens and teens are tired. Use these ideas and techniques to make sure your tween is getting enough sleep.

*Original publication, February 2019, updated January 2021. How do you know if your teen or tween is getting enough sleep?… Are they being difficult?   Are they struggling in school? What about headaches?  Do they seem to be sleepy, lazy or forgetful? Or need to slow things down. If you answered yes to even one of … Read more

3 Smoothies for Picky Eaters

Making smoothies for picky eaters is a great way to help them balance their diet, help them feel satisfyingly full and maybe even gain weight (if they need to). My daughter is a picky eater.   Doesn’t like milk. Is picky about meat. So protein intake and weight are an issue. She’s always been this way.    … Read more

5 Chores Your Tweens Should Be Doing

Tweens should be doing these 5 chores so you don't have to

Tired of doing it all? Had enough of entitled attitudes from tweens and teens? Want more time for you? Want to yell less and be happier? Then read on because tweens and teens could be doing these 5 chores that are on your plate. Here’s my opinion on why chores are so important for you … Read more

Top Reasons Why Kids Need Chores

These top reasons why chores for kids can have such an impact on your life and theirs. Click over to find out these teach kids, one may surprise you! #chores #teens

Getting your kids to do chores can be a pain sometimes but unless you want to be the one doing everything all the time it’s a great routine to get into. This is a huge gift to you and your kids. Really! When you allow kids to do chores they learn responsibility for themselves, service … Read more