School Lunches for Picky Eaters

Looking for solutions to school lunches for picky eaters. Read on to find out you'll be surprised by the answer. Hint...I think you know already.

If you’re looking to focus on healthy school lunches for picky eaters, then I’m sorry this isn’t the post for you.  It’s also not about cute shapes and other sneaky shenanigans to get your kid to eat. Ain’t no one got time for ‘dat.  Seriously. If you want to make sure your kid isn’t hungry … Read more

How to Create a Middle School Locker Kit

A middle school locker kit is a great addition for back to school essentials making it easier to have what tweens need at their fingertips everyday.

Lockers are just one of the new and exciting changes that happen in middle school. Not only do kids get the opportunity to have lockers, often for the first time, but they can also actually lock their stuff up. Hopefully, this cuts down on items that always seem to disappear.  It may not help if … Read more

Why Are Tweens So Moody and How to Help?

Ahh, tweens and puberty.  Fun times. Cue the eye rolls and sarcasm. So many changes for everyone involved.    It’s confusing and exciting all at the same time. So why are tweens so moody? Sometimes it’s the changes themselves that are causing the moodiness.  Sometimes it’s the hormones.  And sometimes I think nobody knows and … Read more

3 Easy Ways on How to Connect with Your Tween

connect with your tween

Finding ways to connect with your tween when puberty emotions are running high and your fuse is running low makes it easy to get off track with the relationship we want to have with them. No one wants conflict and it seems like everything you say causes one.  The eye rolls🙄  and the attitude starts … Read more

3 Fun Puberty Books For Girls

Get these fun puberty books for girls for your tween #tween #teen #puberty #books

Puberty Books for Tween Girls Puberty is a confusing time for tweens and their parents.  Everyone is filled with emotions of changing times…and hormones.  Understanding what’s happening to their bodies and their minds helps tweens understand that it’s perfectly normal, everyone is going through it and yes you will come out fine on the other … Read more

Classmate Phone Number List Printables

Get today's Classmate phone number list by clicking on the image below...Keep in touch with class friends, before they leave school and are sad they missed out on getting phone numbers or they get lost as crumbled up bits of paper at the bottom of their backpack.

Welcome to Day 30 of 30 Days of Printables.   Whew…that was crazy!  Did you start on Day 1 with the DIY 30-Day Challenge?  What did you accomplish? Yesterday’s new printable was a Going Away Checklist    For more links to past printables …scroll down. Current subscribers can also find it in the Exclusive Resource Library. Not a subscriber … Read more

50+ Great Gift Ideas for Moms

You can't go wrong with these awesome gifts for all kinds of moms. #gifts #presents #holidaygifts #giftgiving #giftsformoms

Gifts for Mom 2021 With all types of moms out there you’re sure to find one of my gift ideas is sure to please even the most difficult of mothers. ….don’t forget your mom wife…if she’s the mother of your kids or any kids step-mom mother-in-law daughter daughter-in-law grandmas aunts and any other lady you want … Read more