The Day the Cherubs Got Pubes

In case you’re wondering when cherubs got pubes. Actually, they didn’t. Well not really. It’s the dementia. My grandma is 86. She has always been weird. Now, with dementia, she’s just well, weirder. I realize this isn’t politically correct. I know it doesn’t sound nice. However, this is how our life works. Dementia sucks. For Read More

6 Tips for Raising Kids While Caregiving Full-time

So you’re raising kids and a full-time caregiver. Welcome to the club. Feeling like you just signed your life away? Just when the kids are getting older and time is more flexible, here you are right back in the thick of it. Parenting is hard.  Caregiving is hard.  Doing both at the same time has Read More

6 Signs Your Parents May Need to Stop Driving

Taking care of elderly parents is a challenge. Have you noticed your parents may need to stop driving? Coming to terms with aging parents is difficult for everyone.  Addressing they can no longer drive safely is often the first step in helping them make that transition. When we don’t see our parents every day or Read More