3 Fun Puberty Books For Girls

Puberty Books for Tween Girls Puberty is a confusing time for tweens and their parents.  Everyone is filled with emotions of changing times…and hormones.  Understanding what’s happening to their bodies and their minds helps tweens understand that it’s perfectly normal, everyone is going through it and yes you will come out fine on the other Read More

Classmate Phone Number List Printables

Welcome to Day 30 of 30 Days of Printables.   Whew…that was crazy!  Did you start on Day 1 with the DIY 30-Day Challenge?  What did you accomplish? Yesterday’s new printable was a Going Away Checklist    For more links to past printables …scroll down. Current subscribers can also find it in the Exclusive Resource Library. Not a subscriber Read More

Is Your Tween Ready For A Boy-Girl Dance?

Tween Dances are you ready? I remember when we found out we were having a girl. My husband who doesn’t scare easily didn’t speak for about 3 hours. He just sat staring off into nowhere. It was like someone in shock. Catatonic. His sister called at some point during those few hours and he spent Read More

Is Your Tween Ready to Babysit?

Is your tween ready to babysit? If you already know the answer is YES….Get our free babysitting business kit ! This post contains affiliate links, for my disclosure policy, CLICK HERE. If you’re still not sure, read on…   Practically a rite of passage, babysitting was once what every tween or teen girl did to make some Read More

Is Your Teen Ready to Get a Job?

Is your teen constantly bugging you for cash? Summer is getting closer, it’s time to for teens to start looking for summer jobs.   Often employers start lining up staff beginning in April in time for summer positions.     Maybe it’s time to get the little mooch off the couch. But is your teen ready Read More

Is She Ready to Shave Her Legs?

So you’re wondering if your tween is ready to shave her legs? It’s something we’re contemplating around here too. Some of the early milestones were easier. First steps, first tooth. Sure they had their challenges, but now it seems every one of them requires a decision on our part. Are they ready? But the really Read More

3 Fun Ideas When Your Teens Are Too Old for Trick or Treat

    Halloween when we first become moms we can’t wait to dress up our little pumpkins, as well little pumpkins.   We dress them up and push them in strollers while they sleep all just to show them off and score some candy for ourselves.   Candy, which by the way, lives under your Read More