Favorite Tween Posts from 2018

Favorite Tween Posts from 2018

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While 2018 turned out to be a craptastic year for me personally, my blog has really taken off.

2018 saw my traffic soar to over 30k viewers per month

This allowed me to qualify for Mediavine, the awesome ad agency that’s bringing dollars to my wallet. 

While I’m still trying to get a handle on how all this blogging for-profit works, it really has been a confidence boost.

Maybe you’re a regular reader, maybe not.  But in case you missed them, here are the most loved tween posts from 2018.

Click here to read the favorite best tween posts from 2018. These are the posts readers of our sit loved most last year. #tweens

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Favorite Tween Posts from 2018


This post continues to be THE most popular post on this site ever!  With over 90k reads since it was written in July 2017.  Almost all of that came during 2018.

If it wasn’t obvious enough by the title, this D.I.Y. period kit is a great conversation starter for your tween or teen who has yet to start her period.

But really it can be made for any woman.

Filled with items to make that time of the month a little more bearable customized to her personality.

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This epic post of over 3500 words gives some almost too basic things to look at when dealing with your tween’s attitude.

But these fundamental ingredients to being human can derail even the most even-keeled people.

And when you throw new body changes, flooding hormones and new responsibilities into it all…look out.

This post helps you take a look at how implementing some simple fixes can at least help.

And they create life long habits that can help tweens, teens, and adults make life a little easier.

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Who wasn’t excited to get lockers for the first time?

Now with space to keep a few things and hopefully out of the hands of thieving little buggers that our kids seem to be inundated with at school, we can give them a few handy essentials.

For hygiene, convenience or emergency this kit can put some much needed items right at their finger tips throughout the day.

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Picky eating doesn’t just take over the toddler years.

Sometimes it continues for what seems like forever.

When kids are off to school, what’s a mom to do?

Especially when we get over-focused when your kid is the smallest ones in class.

Let yourself relax and take a peek at these ideas for picky eaters to see if it’s just not as hard or as stressful as it seems.

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Even though times have changed in the way we communicate with our tween and teens about puberty and growing up it can still be overwhelming, embarrassing or scary for both parents and tweens.

Don’t let that keep you from having those important talks.

I am in love with these books.

For a chic and modern take on sharing all that is puberty with your tween girl check out my reviews of these books.

And for a classic in coming of age fiction, try this review.

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Although the title says 7, this tween girl gift guide has been expanded on to include many more trendy and fun gifts for your tween girl.

Maybe instead it’s a subscription box gift option that will excite your tween.

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This teen boy gift guide has also been updated to include many more gift ideas than just 7. 

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Gift posts sure are popular and this is no exception.

And even more than just 7 have been recently included in this tween boy gift guide too!

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This seasonal Halloween post seemed to create a buzz this year.

While there are reasons to let your teens trick or treat as long as they want to…and I agree,  sometimes it’s the kids who want to change it up.

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And so begins the dance of how to let go and still keep them close.

How to let them begin to navigate making choices for themselves and become who they are while still giving them a safe landing place and guide.

With social media, growing social circles, opportunities for autonomy and attitudes thrown in, it is SO HARD.

Staying connected through these early years will keep them coming back to you again and again.

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Honorable Mention

This post is listed for two reasons.

First, it’s outside of the usual tween posts.

But as we are all more than just mom’s, we are often juggling marriage, career, and home.

Secondly, this post was only published on December 4, 2018 and it has already risen to the 12th spot on my site for the year.

It has already received 2500 views!

The good news is, it’s going to be a hit.

The bad news is, it means many of you are suffering when it comes to your marriage.

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Taking all of this into account, more posts surrounding marriage and separation will be coming, so stay tuned in or better yet, subscribe to my monthly newsletter and hear about any new posts, exclusive tips and more.

Click here to read the favorite best tween posts from 2018. These are the posts readers of our sit loved most last year. #tweens


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