Party Ideas for Tween Boys

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It’s so hard to come up with ideas for a birthday party every year.

As they get into the tween years it’s harder to get more creative and find ways to keep everyone entertained and host the kind of parties cool moms do.

Here are some birthday party ideas for tween boys I think will make them happy and keep you on the cool list.

And not just for boys, girls wanna have fun too!

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Glow In The Dark Party

Tweens and even teens would have fun with a glow in the dark party.

To add to the fun provide a plain t-shirt for kids to decorate with glow in the dark paints when they arrive.

If you will be using paints for either shirt or face painting be sure to let parents know this party will be a messy one.

Guests can wear them during the party and then take them home rather than providing additional party favors.

Glow Party Decorations

There are a variety of party decorations out there that could be used for a glow in the dark party. From traditional balloons and garlands to vinyl stickers, or create your own using paints and tapes.

Be sure to add the right lighting to enhance your glow party fun.

Glow Party Food

Tonic water glows naturally if you have a blacklight.

By adding it to drinks, frosting or other recipes like jello you can create party foods that glow.

Pineapple glows naturally too.

Get creative!

Glow Party Games

Glow Bowling – Fill water or soda bottles with water and a glow stick. You could also purchase an inexpensive bowling set at the dollar store and use glow tape or glow in the dark paint on the pins and the ball.

Many other traditional games can be turned into glow games.

If indoors, use the glow tape to create a bowling lane. Otherwise outdoors, glow in the dark spray paint could be used on the grass.

Capture the (glow) Flag, Corn Hole, Scavenger Hunt can all be enhanced with glow sticks.

As mentioned above, painting t-shirts for guests to wear could be done at the beginning of the party and be used as art and craft activity or turned into a game or contest.

Face and body paint could also be used as part of the fun and games.

With everyone in their “costumes”, it would make for a great dance party.

Gaming Party

Gaming Party Decorations and Food

Since the theme itself is all about video games, you can keep it generic and let the decorations, food, and activities be focused around remote controls, headsets, and keyboards.

It could be Playstation, Xbox or maybe it’s an old school Nintendo.

You could also zero in on your tween’s favorite game.

This could be Fortnite, Minecraft, Super Mario or Call of Duty.

Gaming Party Games

Regardless of the theme, the kids can play any video game during the party, but limiting it to just a few may help to avoid kids arguing.

Setting up multiple t.v’s and gaming systems helps to cut down on waiting and arguing.

Often since many of the kids play the same games, parents may be willing to bring their game systems, headsets and additional games.

This also allows for multiple brands of systems.

Nerf Wars Party

Nerf Party Games

Think obstacle courses, target stations, team shootouts or just run and play fun.

Nerf guns and accessories can be rather expensive.

If enough friends own them, you could ask kids to bring them.

If planned ahead, you could also find them at yard sales, flea markets or Craigslist.

Nerf Party Decorations

Nerf Party Food

Any food that can be turned into battle chips, look like darts or targets works well here.

Ice Cream Sundae Party

Ice Cream Party Food

This party is all about the food…ice cream.

How many flavors and toppings are up to you.

Ice Cream Party Decorations

Ice Cream Party Games

Make your own sundaes can be a significant part of the activities too.

The kids could participate in contests for their creations.

Either by category like most creative or as a race.

In teams, each person could be responsible for the next part of creating a sundae.

Be the first team to be done or beat the clock.

For other game ideas …

Ice Cream Relay Race using a ball and cone or spoon.

Guess the Flavor

Escape Room Party

How about an Escape Room Party for the kids? Great idea!

What fun to race against the clock to solve puzzles and riddles to find out if they can escape the room.

Escape Room Games

Everywhere I researched for ideas on hosting an escape room party suggested purchasing a premade kit since it’s pretty involved.

Escape Room Decorations and Food

Decorations and food for this party could be themed around the type of escape room kit you purchase.

Geocaching Party

If you’ve got a gang with a sense of adventure, this is a great party idea.

Stephanie over at Spaceships and Laser Beams does such an amazing job of explaining everything about a hosting geocaching party, read all about it here.

Amazing Race Party

Find out all the details of this party from Julie over at Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss. She’s hosted one of these parties 4 times!

With a success record like that, it’s hard not to follow her ideas for a great tween or teen party.

She covers how to plan all the action and even has free printables to make your party more authentic without figuring it all out yourself.

Hopefully, you’ve found an idea for your tween’s birthday party.

For other fun party theme ideas that may work for your son, check out our post on parties for tween girls.


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