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Printable Sexy Sticky Notes

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I am super excited about the website The Dating Divas.

If you haven’t checked them out, they are THE blog for marriage tips and fun activity products.

They even have cool downloadable, printable packs to connect with your teens and younger kids too.

I don’t get anything if you go to The Dating Diva site…I just love what they do!

You can get these ready-to-print Sexy Love Notes and start sticking them in secret hiding places right away! The Dating Divas

For some people getting “in the mood” is easier said than done.

It might even make you blush just thinking about it, but I think we can all agree that feeling and being a little sexy is such an important part of your relationship.

So, are you ready for an idea that’s so quick and easy, you’ll actually do it?

Enter these {saucy} done-for-you love notes I found from The Dating Divas.

You print them on sticky notes and you’re all set.

It’s simple enough that absolutely anyone can do it – from the crafter those without a creative bone in their bodies.

And whether you enjoy spicy bedroom time or a fun night for you is a bit milder – these notes have you covered.

sexy sticky notes for your spouse

This Sexy Sticky Note pack includes dozens of flirty messages designed by Courtney from the site Paperelli.

She did such an amazing job crafting each and every message into a beautiful design that will definitely catch your spouse’s eye!

Have you ever bought a downloadable pack before?

All you do is buy the pack, and it gets sent right to your email.

Then you just download, and print it out!

This set even includes a printable guide to help make printing directly onto the sticky notes completely fool-proof.

sexy sticky notes for your spouse

The Sexy Sticky Notes pack includes:

  • Sexy Sticky Notes Instructional Guide – Detailed instructions explaining how to print your sexy messages onto sticky notes, as well as tips and creative ideas for presenting the perfect message.
  • Mild Sexy Sticky Notes – Love notes for your spouse that are flirtatiously sexy, but sensible.
  • Medium Sexy Sticky Notes – Love notes with a suggestive undertone that is strong . . . but not too overpowering!
  • Spicy Sexy Sticky Notes – Sticky Notes with a strongly suggestive tone.

So, my favorite thing about these little love notes is that I feel like I’ll never run out. There are so many of them that I know I’ll get to use them for months, it’s completely worth it!

You can get these ready-to-print Sexy Love Notes and start sticking them in secret hiding places right away!

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sexy sticky notes for your spouse

Sharing is caring!

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