Classmate Phone Number List Printables

Get today's Classmate phone number list by clicking on the image below...Keep in touch with class friends, before they leave school and are sad they missed out on getting phone numbers or they get lost as crumbled up bits of paper at the bottom of their backpack.

Welcome to Day 30 of 30 Days of Printables.   Whew…that was crazy!  Did you start on Day 1 with the DIY 30-Day Challenge?  What did you accomplish? Yesterday’s new printable was a Going Away Checklist    For more links to past printables …scroll down. Current subscribers can also find it in the Exclusive Resource Library. Not a subscriber … Read more

DIY 30-Day Challenge Printable

Check out our 30 days of free printables starting with this create your own 30-day challenge to conquer the hassle in your castle.

Today I’m kicking off 30 Days of Free Printables with a 30-Day Challenge Printable. Getting back with some of the original purposes of the blog. Helping you juggle the struggle. Taking control of your role.   Rein over your domain. Conquer the hassle in your castle.  Okay, you get the idea 😉 I’m doing 30 days … Read more