13 Habits to Make the Changes You Crave

writing a checklist

Whether it’s the New Year and time for resolutions or you’re looking for ways to get you and your family on track (again), here are 13 ways to make it happen In most of my posts, I refer quite often to other articles on this blog.   Even though they may be written with teens or … Read more

Best Subscription Boxes for Tween Boys

Subscription boxes are a cool way to give a gift year-round with something that caters just to their hobbies and interests. It seems like every month the search is on for some type of gift. I don’t know about you, but I hate always ending up with a gift card because I just don’t know … Read more

Party Ideas for Tween Boys

It’s so hard to come up with ideas for a birthday party every year. As they get into the tween years it’s harder to get more creative and find ways to keep everyone entertained and host the kind of parties cool moms do. Here are some birthday party ideas for tween boys I think will … Read more

DIY Tween Girl Bedroom Decor Ideas

Tweens and teens love bedroom decor more than ever. Or at least the stores reflect this trend. Everywhere you look stores both online and locally are filled with decor ideas getting girls started early on loving home design and making her room a haven that reflects her style. If your daughter is anything like mine, … Read more

Fun Craft Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Tween girls love crafts. There are so many types of crafts out there.  Painting, sewing, yarn crafts, DIY beauty products and make your own jewelry. Is your tween looking to make items for their room? What about homemade gifts? Maybe they’d even like to try a hand at selling to have some money all their … Read more

DIY Jewelry Crafts for Tweens and Teens

The tween set is forever searching for something to do. Hearing the dreaded…”I’m bored” ranks right up there on this mom’s annoying scale as “What’s for dinner?” If you’re looking for them to avoid screens and maybe it’s not the right weather to kick them outside, crafts are a great alternative. For girls who love … Read more