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How To Clean A Weighted Blanket: Easy Tips to Keep It Like New

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Image by minka2507 from Pixabay

If you’re like me, then you’re probably a little obsessed with your weighted blanket. I mean, who wouldn’t love getting wrapped up in a big, cozy blanket that’s specifically designed to help you relax and de-stress?

Whether you’re a light sleeper or you suffer from anxiety, odds are that you’ve considered trying a weighted blanket. And there’s no surprise why weighted blankets have become so popular in recent years – they’re cozy, they’re comfortable, and most importantly, they actually work!

For those that struggle with insomnia, anxiety, ADHD and dementia, weighted blankets have become an important and necessary part of their sleep routine.

So today, we’re going to show you how to clean a weighted blanket quickly and easily!

Despite our best efforts to keep them clean, weighted blankets can sometimes get a little dirty. We want to get those blankets clean and back on the beds as soon as possible.

How To Clean A Weighted Blanket

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Best Tips for Washing a Weighted Blanket

Since many weighted blankets are made from different fabrics as well as have different fillers, always refer to the manufacturer’s care label to know the best way to care for your weighted blanket.

Different types of fillers include plastic poly pellets, micro glass beads, and even steel shot beads.

What your blanket is made of and contains will make the difference in how you can wash and dry your weighted blanket. Some will not be machine washable and may require hand washing or dry cleaning.

Also to consider is how much does your blanket weigh?

Weighted blankets are available between 5 and 30 pounds. Blanket weight should be based upon the weight and body strength of the person using the blanket. The blanket should approximately 10% of their body weight. See here for recommendations.

For larger, heavy blankets over 20 pounds, consider using a commercial washer. These machines are designed to handle larger and heavier loads. Your home washer works hard enough as it is, am I right?

For smaller blankets, under 20 pounds, your home washer is fine.

How To Clean A Weighted Blanket in the Washing Machine

how to clean a weighted blanket
Photo by Andrew Winkler on Unsplash
  1. Based on the size, consider using the laundromat
  2. Always wash alone on a gentle wash cycle
  3. Always check washing instructions on the care tag labels first
  4. Use a gentle laundry detergent, ideally free of dyes, bleach, or harsh chemicals
  5. Don’t add fabric softener or bleach
  6. Use cool or warm water
  7. Line dry or hang on a drying rack if possible
  8. Avoid drying in the dryer to avoid damage to the weighted fillers. If necessary, use low heat or delicate temperature setting

How to Clean A Weighted Blanket by Hand

If machine washing is not possible:

  1. Hand wash your blanket by mixing warm water with a mild liquid detergent in a washtub or bathtub.
  2. Place the weighted blanket in the tub and submerge it in the mixture.
  3. Let soak for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse in warm or cold water until no suds are visible.
  4. Carefully squeeze as much excess water out as you can.
  5. Use a drying rack or lay flat for air drying

How to Dry a Weighted Blanket

drying rack
Photo: Amazon

The best way to dry your weighted blanket is to air dry it on a rack. Line drying works too but it isn’t always possible if you live in an apartment or the weather isn’t cooperative. Hanging on a line can also cause stretching because of the weight.

People with allergies will want to avoid drying it outside since bringing in pollen on your clean blanket certainly defeats the purpose. If you must use a dryer, again refer to the manufacturer’s instructions first. Even so, take care to use a low heat setting to avoid damage to the fabric or fillers.

How to Care for Your Weighted Blanket

Taking good care of your weighted blanket will make it last longer. To make your weighted blanket last for years, follow these recommendations for the best results on how to keep it clean.

  • Using a duvet cover, is a good idea. These are removable covers used to protect weighted blankets and down comforters. This will help keep your weighted blanket clean and free of debris.
  • Limit machine washing to a few times a year, unless absolutely necessary
  • Spot clean your weighted blanket if possible to avoid having to wash the entire blanket
  • Wash in cool or warm water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent.
  • Hang or lay flat to dry.
  • If possible, avoid putting it in the dryer, as this can damage the fabric and cause weighted beads to break or potentially any plastic pellets to melt.

Try these tips to keep your weighted blanket clean and in good condition for years to come!

How to Spot Clean Your Weighted Blanket

how to clean a weighted blanket
Image by minka2507 from Pixabay

Unfortunate stains sometimes happen. But if you can avoid putting your weighted blanket into the washing machine by spot cleaning, by all means, do so.

You can address small stains with some gentle detergent, or mild dish soap, some cool or warm water, and a toothbrush. Be careful when using a stain remover on your blanket to avoid damage.

Things to Avoid When Washing Your Weighted Blanket

  • Avoid stuffing an oversized or overweight blanket into your home washing machine. Use a commercial laundromat when in doubt to extend the life of your weighted blanket and your washer.
  • Avoid bleach, fabric softeners, or harsh soaps on your weighted blanket may cause damage to the fabrics or fillers
  • Avoid high heat during the wash or drying process – hot water and high dryer settings or irons are not recommended. While fabrics may be tolerant, weighted blanket fillers may not.

Taking special care of your weighted blanket will help you keep those sleepless nights to a minimum. Sleep is so very important so hopefully, these tips will help keep your weighted blanket clean and comfy for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash a 20 lb weighted blanket?

Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions first. If machine washing is okay, blankets over 20 lbs should be washed in a commercial washing machine.

Why can’t you wash a weighted blanket?

Depending on the manufacturer’s care instructions, some fabrics and fillers such as poly-pellets and glass microbeads can be damaged during machine wash. High heat can melt beads and glass beads can break.

Can you machine wash a 15 lb weighted blanket?

Always refer to the manufacturer’s care instructions first. If machine wash is okay, weighted blankets under 15 lbs can go into home washing machines.

Do Weighted blankets have to be dry cleaned?

Always refer to the manufacturer’s care tags for proper care of your weighted blanket. Since many blankets are made from fabrics or have fillers that are not suitable for washing machines or dryers dry cleaning is an option to keep your weighted blanket clean.

What is the best way to clean a weighted blanket?

First, always adhere to the manufacturer’s care instructions. If machine washing, choose a bleach-free, gentle detergent, and wash your blanket in cold or warm water on a gentle cycle. Avoid fabric softeners. Air drying is best. If using the dryer, choose a light or medium dryer setting.

Will washing a weighted blanket ruin it?

Overwashing a weighted blanket can wear down the fabrics, damage the weighted fillers, and cause damage to your washer. It’s best to avoid washing your weighted blanket often. Use a duvet cover to avoid having to do so.


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I had just been wondering about this as my daughter absolutely loves her weighted blanket! And she also actually likes doing laundry, so she will appreciate this post! Pinning!

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Thursday 11th of August 2022

Hi Miranda, Weighted blankets are great, my kids love theirs too. So glad I could help, isn't it wonderful when they don't mind chores? Thanks for commenting.

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