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29 Awesome Trampoline Games Your Kids Can Jump Into

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Did you know that there are lots of different games for trampolines?

Sure, jumping is probably one of the main reasons your kids want to go and play on a trampoline. It can be boring after a while though, and they may get tired of just jumping around.

If that’s the case, try playing one or more of these fun trampoline games with them!

Perhaps you can join them for some trampoline fun. I’ve tried to put in classic trampoline games to play that kids love as well as a few that may be new to you.

Some trampoline games work with just two players, others work best with more. Whichever trampoline games your kids choose, be sure they follow safety rules.

The best trampoline games are the ones that make sure everyone is included and has a good time.

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Trampoline Games with Jumping Contests

Simple jumping contests can be fun games for helping your children build up their leg muscles!

How well can they jump?

Make up your own rules for this trampoline game so everyone has a chance to win.

One trick you can do is to have one leg or arm tied behind your back while jumping to increase the difficulty level.

Dance contests or how high you can jump contests all work well for older kids as well as younger children.

Ruler of the Trampoline

For this awesome trampoline game, only one person goes on the trampoline to start.

They are the “ruler”. The other players are outside the trampoline with balls. The outside players try to hit the ruler inside the trampoline.

The Ruler tries to avoid getting hit. If they get hit, they are out and the person who hit them is the new ruler.

Angry Birds

My son and his friend had so much fun when they came up with this fun trampoline game.

They called it Angry Birds because they would play with a bunch of stuffed Angry Birds.

Any stuffed toys or a bunch of soft balls works. One person is on the trampoline and one person is outside.

Each person has half of the stuffed animals or balls. The game continues until one person gets all their balls on the other player’s side wins. Can also be played with two groups.

Cannonball Jump

To play this fun game, each person is assigned a number. One person calls numbers while all the kids jump. The person whose number is called has to do a cannonball trampoline jump. If they land on their feet, that’s one point for them!

Bombs Away

Every player stands on the trampoline. One player throws a large, soft ball in the air and calls out “Bombs Away.”

An inflatable beach ball, stuffed animals, or dodgeball works best. Players try to avoid the ball without leaving the trampoline.

When someone is hit, they lose a life. Five hits result in a person being out. Everyone loses a life if the ball falls off the trampoline. The last player left “alive” wins. Rotate the person throwing the ball after each turn.

Jump the Barrel

This trampoline game is a two-player game. It requires one person to be the barrel. The youngest or smallest person should start this game as the barrel. The other person jumps over the “barrel” while it is rolling around on the trampoline attempting to knock over the other player.

Air Ball

In this trampoline game, a player on the outside of the trampoline throws a ball to the player in the center of the trampoline. The player inside does a bouncing air catch. This is a great game to practice timing and coordination! Play with a tennis ball or a football.

games for trampolines

Trampoline Tag

To play this simple game, one person has a ball and closes their eyes or is blindfolded. The blindfolded player tries to tag people with the ball. If they lose the ball, they must open their eyes or take off the blindfold and go get the ball. The last person tagged is the next one to be “It.”

Trampoline Dodgeball

This is a great trampoline game for 4 or more people of any age! Everyone stands on the trampoline and tries to stay on the trampoline while dodging thrown dodgeballs. If you’re hit, you have to go stand next to your teammates off of the trampoline until the game ends.

Trampoline Limbo

Create a limbo bar with a pool noodle or rope in the middle of the trampoline. Two people hold the ends of the bar and each player lines up and takes a turn going under the bar. After each player has had a turn the bar gets lower. If the player doesn’t make it under without hitting the bar, they’re out.

As an alternative, reverse it and the bar starts low and goes higher each turn requiring the players to bounce to make it over the bar.

Freeze Bounce

This trampoline game is fun and challenging. One person sits on the edge or outside of the trampoline as the referee while everyone else jumps on the trampoline. When the referee yells, “Freeze!” everyone has to instantly stop jumping.

If some players are mid-jump, they have to land without bouncing back into the air again. If the referee catches you bouncing after they call freeze, you’re out.

Rock Paper Scissors

To play rock, paper, scissors as a trampoline game, you need three players. Two players stand and will count to three before choosing what shape they want to be.

In this trampoline game version, they will fall down onto the trampoline in different positions. For the rock shape, a player will land on their hands and knees, for a paper shape they will land flat on their back, and for the scissor shape, they will land on their butt.

Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock and scissors beat paper.

Basketball Trampoline

Set up a basketball hoop inside the trampoline net and practice jumping and shooting the ball into the hoop.

The basketball hoop could also be outside the trampoline. If you don’t have a hoop, you could set up a laundry basket or cardboard box.

To make it even more challenging, the baskets could be at varying heights and distances from the trampoline. If you play alone, it works best to have a bunch of balls to avoid having to go get the ball after each throw.

Trampoline Volleyball

For this trampoline game, Two people or two teams jump on opposite sides of the trampoline while hitting a ball back and forth. They cannot double-touch the ball or let it touch the mat, and they cannot stop jumping. This could also be played with a stuffed toy.

Trampoline Ping Pong

Play this trampoline game using ping pong paddles and balls. Hit the ball back and forth while jumping. You could also play it with badminton rackets and a birdie.

Trampoline Twister

Use sidewalk chalk or colored tape to make the circles for the trampoline version of this classic game. One person has the spinner outside the trampoline. On “three,” everyone jumps, trying to land with their right foot on red, their left leg on blue, etc. If you’re successful, stay standing until everyone has had a turn.

Lava Balls

games for trampolines
Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash

For this popular trampoline game, the balls are “lava” and must be avoided. When a ball touches a player they must get off the trampoline. The last person left standing on the trampoline wins.

Monkey in the Middle

We all remember this game as a kid. At least three people must play. One player stands in the middle of the trampoline while the two others throw the ball back and forth to each other. The middle player tries to intercept the ball.

Trampoline Hot Potato

For this classic game, one person stands on the outside of the trampoline and plays music or sings the hot potato song while the jumpers bounce around the trampoline passing a ball back and forth, from one person to the next person, in a circle.

When the person on the ground stops the song, the last person to touch the hot potato is out. This can be played with anything – a ball, bean bags, or even a stuffed animal!


You might remember playing this game on the basketball court. It can easily be modified for a fun trampoline game.

Choose a word, like “horse” or something else. Each person does a trick. The next person does the same trick and one of their own. If you make a mistake, you get the first letter of the word. Each mistake is another letter. The first person who completes the word is out.


games for trampoline
Photo by Laura Rivera on Unsplash

Use sidewalk chalk or colored tape to make a hopscotch pattern on the trampoline mat. Play the traditional game using a bean bag. It’s much harder on a trampoline.

Do What I Do

The first player does a trampoline trick. The next player does the first player’s trick and a new one. Each player must continue by doing the tricks before them in order and adding a new one. Anyone who can’t complete the sequence is out. The last player left wins.

Crack the Egg

Sometimes this trampoline game is called popcorn. One person starts as the egg or corn. Sitting in the middle of the trampoline, they curl in a ball holding their arms and legs tight. Rather than jumping, the other players try to push on the trampoline mat and crack the egg or pop the corn.

Smaller children can have hours of fun playing this very simple game and get loads of exercise in the process.

Marco Polo

This trampoline game is not just for the pool, it’s just as much fun on the trampoline. One child closes their eyes and yells out “Marco” while trying to find and tag the other players. The other players with their eyes open, yell “Polo” while trying to avoid being tagged.

Bum Wars

This classic trampoline game is to try and be the last one standing. Players jump a few times and, upon a given signal, fall to their bums and jump back up on their feet. Players can only jump on their feet once and land on their bottoms once. If they double either the foot bounce or bum bounce, they are out of the game. The last person standing wins.


This game is a great one for just one player who wants to practice their soccer skills. Just dribble around the outside of the trampoline or kick the ball against the net.

Simon Says Trampoline Game

This classic game for kids is a great one for the trampoline. One person is Simon. Simon calls out a trick beginning with Simon Says. Each person has to do what Simon Says. Randomly, Simon will call a trick without saying Simon Says first. Anyone who does the trick is out. The last person left is the winner.

Knock Down Chicken

One person stands in the middle of the trampoline and is the “chicken.” The other players run around trying to stay on their feet. The person in the middle tries to get everyone to fall down at once. They can jump or try to knock them down. When all of the players are down, the person in the middle wins.

Jump Rope Snake

This game only requires two players but can be played with more. One player uses the jump rope as a snake keeping it slithering. The other players or player jumps to avoid touching the snake. If the jumper touches the snake they’re out.

Trampoline Safety Tips

Even though trampoline designs are safer than before, it does not mean you should not take any measures against hazards.

  • Check the mat before you start playing. Make sure there are no holes or weak spots in the mat or surrounding materials that could lead to an injury.
  • Make sure any debris like rocks, sticks, and leaves are removed.
  • Before you jump, make sure everyone is clear of the trampoline area.
  • Don’t allow children to play without adult supervision.
  • Bare feet work best for the safety of the jumpers and for keeping the trampoline surface from getting damaged.
  • It’s best to have a trampoline enclosure.

Trampoline games are a great way to entertain kids while they get some exercise and fresh air.

With so many different games to play, they can keep finding new and fun entertaining trampoline games for kids to love.

Try out the games for trampolines listed above to get kids jumping and playing. You won’t regret it!


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