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43 Party Games for Teenagers That are Sure to Please

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Photo by Lucas Santos on Unsplash

Throw the ultimate party with these fun teen party games!

Many of these games for teenagers are perfect for all ages and will keep your guests entertained for hours.

From classic games like Truth or Dare to more modern options like Snapchat Scavenger Hunt, we have something for everyone.

So get ready to party with your friend’s teenage style!

Family game night is a perfect time to try out different fun party games.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new favorite!

43 party games for teenagers

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Classic Party Games

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is always a classic game. You can play it with just about any number of people, and it’s perfect for getting the party started.

Heads Up

This party game is like charades with your phone. Just download the app. Choices of different categories of “card decks” to choose from.

Just guess the card you’re holding up based on the other players’ clues.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a fun game that gets everyone talking. Be ready to be surprised about things you never knew about your friends.

Everyone starts with 10 points (or 20 if you want it to last longer. Players take turns listing experiences they’ve never had. One person says, for example, “never have I ever, clogged the toilet at someone’s house”.

Any players who have done that lose a point. If they haven’t, they keep their points. If someone is the only one who has done something they can tell the story. The person with the most points at the end wins.


  • Play the opposite where the people who have had the experience keep the points.
  • Use candy as a point system.

Two Truths and a Lie

This teen party game is exactly how it sounds. One person tells the others two truths about themselves and a lie. The other players have to guess which one is the lie.

Guess Who

Fashioned after the board game to make your own. Someone creates a bunch of celebrity names on pieces of paper or index cards.

One person chooses a paper or card but doesn’t look at it. They hold it up on their forehead so the other players can see.

Each person tries to guess which famous person they are by only asking “Yes” or “No” questions to gain clues about the name that is on their forehead.

Would You Rather…

In this modern classic party game for teenagers, the player picks up the top card or paper from the pile and reads aloud the two choices.

The player must think carefully and decide what they would do when faced with this choice. Then they must explain why they picked the one they chose.


The party classic Charades involves acting out what is on your paper without speaking, while the other members of your team try to guess what you’re “describing”.

The objective is for your team to guess as quickly as possible. People can act out the name of a movie, book, song, or a phrase.

Clues are given such as holding up 4 fingers to suggest the answer is 4 words. Then pretend to open a book with their hands. Then choose each of the words to act out, letting the players know which word it is by holding up the appropriate fingers, and so on.

Pass the Peanut

Each person gets a plastic spoon which they need to hold in their mouth. The person at the start of the line puts a peanut or piece of candy on their spoon.

Without using hands they have to pass the item down the line. The first group to get their ‘peanut’ down the line without dropping it wins. 

Suck and Blow

Have your teens stand in a circle and give one person a playing card to hold on to by sucking in their breath. Have them pass the card around until it reaches the other end. If anyone drops it, they’re out, and the card starts back at the beginning.

games for teenagers
Photo by Angshu Purkait on Unsplash

Taste the Rainbow

Dump Skittles into a bowl in the middle of the table. Each player gets a straw and a cup. Everyone must use their straw to suck up Skittles. The player to collect each color Skittle into their cup first is the winner.

Who Knows You the Best Questions

This is a fun slumber party game.

Make a list of questions about the guest of honor. Each player gets a copy and tries to answer the questions to see who knows them best.

Escape Room

This can be played in one room or more.

The game starts with a great storyline, has a timer of some sort to create excitement and a clue. These usually lead to something to solve like a puzzle or riddle. Each one leads to the next. The first player to reach the end wins.

If creating your own series of puzzles, riddles and clues seem too difficult, there are great ones you can purchase that include everything you need to set up an exciting game.

Karaoke Party Games for Teenagers

With the help of a karaoke machine or this cool microphone, you can set up a number of fun games for a karaoke party.

  • Singing contest
  • Lip Sync Battle
  • Mystery Singer – blindfold a guest and try to guess the singer
  • Name that Lyric – match the lyric to the song
  • Music Trivia – guests have to name the artist and song. The guest with the most correct answers wins
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Wild N’ Out Rap Game

Just like the TV show. This game has two teams. Each team has to make a rap out of a funny idea. A list of topics could be made before the party.

Tik Tok Games

With all the content on TikTok, you can find some great stuff to work with. Players can use their phones to think of ideas or they can be decided on ahead of time by putting the ideas on cards.

Teens can do some of the famous challenges and decide if their friends nailed it. Try these:

  • Finish the phrase
  • Guess the song
  • Name that Dance
  • Match/name that sound

Murder Mystery

This is a fun group game for teenagers that can be done yourself if you’re really creative or purchase a boxed version. They can even be found online or as an app for free.

Assign each guest a character ahead of time and come dressed in costume.

I Am

This is a fun guess who game. Each person chooses someone to impersonate that everyone at the party would know, famous or not, from the president to the principal. Each person writes down their choice and puts it in their pocket.

The winner is the guest who guesses the most correctly.

Head Pop

This game has two teams. Hang balloons of two colors representing each team from a ceiling or clothesline. Make two hats with pins sticking out of the top.

One player from each team wears a hat and tries to pop as many of the other team’s balloons as possible in 25 seconds, no hands allowed. Every 25 seconds, a new player gets the hat and continues popping. The team to pop all the other team’s balloons first wins.

Ping Pong Race

It is a fun competitive teen party game to play. Make a two-lane course on the floor with tape or string.

Using straws two players race by blowing ping pong balls down the track. The ball must stay in their lane. If the ball goes out of the lane, they go back to the beginning. The winner keeps playing until they lose a match.

Races can be made more challenging by creating curves in the course.

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Photo by No Revisions on Unsplash

Balloon Relay 

This game is for two teams. Teams line up. One player from each team races to the end of the course gripping the balloon between their knees no hands allowed.

With either, a line on the floor/grass or an object to reach the player turns around and heads back to their team for the next person to take the balloon and do the same.

If anyone drops or pops the balloon, they must go back to the starting line and begin again. The team whose members complete the race first wins.

Pop Culture Trivia

This game can be played with teams or alone. Using magazines or the internet, make up questions about music, movies, and famous people. Without using phones, see who can answer the most questions.

Guilty Party

Each person writes something they’ve done on an index card along with their name. The “crime” should be something others may not know like an embarrassing story, similar to the never have I ever questions.

One person collects all the cards without showing them to anyone. One card is chosen. Without revealing who the guilty party is, they are chosen along with two other random guests. The crime is read and the three players must try and convince the rest of the group that they are the guilty party.

Each of the guests can ask questions and then write their guesses on a piece of paper. All the cards are completed the same way.

All the crimes are told at the end and the person with the most correct guesses wins.

Wink Slayer

This game requires a group.

Make papers or cards equal to the number of guests. On one draw a wink, the others leave blank.

Each player chooses a paper without showing the others. The person who chooses the wink is the killer. Everyone sits in a circle and keeps looking at each other, trying to guess who it is.

If the killer winks at someone, the person waits 5 seconds and then pretends to die. If someone suspects another player is the killer they say “Suspect”.

The accuser then asks other players if they suspect anyone. The other players can now also say “Suspect” and at the count of five, the accusers point to their suspect.

If they point to the same person and it’s correct the game is over. If it is not the correct murderer the accusers are out of the game, and the game continues until all players are eliminated by the slayer or until someone “suspects” the correct one.

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Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash

Blind Food Guessing Game

For this fun party game, blindfold one or two players and then bring out plates of food for them to smell, touch, and taste.

The teenage guest must guess what they are eating. If they are wrong after three guesses another person has a turn at guessing with the same rules.

The person who guesses the most items correctly wins.

Donut Game

From the ceiling or clothesline, hang one donut for each guest. Without using hands, try to eat the donut. The person who finishes first wins.

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Give each person or team a list of items to find. Each person or a team member must take a selfie of themselves with the item. The person or group to complete the list first wins.

49 Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Teens: Ideas They’ll Love

Text Message Telephone

This is the modern spin on the classic telephone game.

Instead of one person whispering a phrase to the next person in line, they use their phone.

Everyone sits in a line or a circle. The game starts with one person writing a two or three-sentence message as a text message but doesn’t send it, only shows it to the person next to them.

The second person has fifteen seconds to memorize the message. Then writes a text message, trying to make an exact copy of the message they just read.

The second player then shows the third player, the message on their phone for 15 seconds then takes it away. Each person down the line does the same.

The last person looks at the text message and reads the message out loud. Then the group compares their texts with the original message.

Gift Swap

Many people know this party game as Yankee Swap or White Elephant.

You can use a variety of small gift items from the dollar store or Target dollar bins. They can match your party theme if you have one but make each gift different.

Write numbers on a piece of paper matching the number of guests you have starting from one. Fold the papers, and let your guests pick one.

When everyone has their numbers, the first person can choose a gift and so on. Have a second set of numbers prepared. Once everyone has their gifts, draw randomly from the second set, and call out the number.

When each number is called they can choose to keep their gift or steal one from the others. This goes on until each number is called. 

Minute to Win It Games

party games for teenagers
Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

Below are three fun party games in the Minute to Win It style that would be perfect for teenagers:

Ping Pong Balance

This game is best played by two players. Have each player hold a spoon with a ping pong ball balanced on it. The player who can keep their ping pong ball on the spoon the longest wins.

M&M (or Skittles) Sort

Each person starts with the same total number of candies in various colors. Players have to sort through the bag and separate them by color. The first person to finish wins.

Stack Attack

For this stacking game, each player starts stacking party cups as quickly as possible. The player who stacks the most in 60 seconds wins.

Outdoor Games for Teens

Hula Hoop Contest

This is a fun outdoor teenage party game. Set up some hula hoops and put on some music. See who can keep them going the longest or do certain challenges like keeping it going on their neck or while walking around.

Snapchat Scavenger Hunts

Players can easily send a “snap” to check-in when they get to the designated scavenger hunt locations and then, in turn, you send their next clue until they reach the end.

This party game is best when you can provide fun challenges that send teens to multiple locations. Would work well in a mall or amusement park.

Silly String Fight

This is a fun outdoor game, although messy. No set up required just give them the cans and the fun will follow.

Flashlight Tag 

This great outdoor game for a large outdoor area. It starts by giving one person a flashlight, they are “it”. The player who is “it” must count 100 to allow the other guest to hide.

“It” catches a person by shining their flashlight on another player.

Once a person is caught, they become “it” as well. In order to officially “catch” someone, “it” must identify the person they’ve caught by saying their name. If “it” gets the name wrong, the person gets ten seconds to run free.

Water Balloon Toss

Fill up 50 water balloons and have each player stand in a line, facing their partner. On “go,” players toss the balloon to their partner. If the balloon pops before reaching their partner, they are out. The last pair standing wins.

For more outdoor games:

61 Outdoor Party Games for Teens That Are Perfect for Summer

Have fun you all!

What are your favorite party games for teenagers? Let us know.


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