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89 Super Fun Teenage Girl Birthday Party Activities

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Photo by Sujan Khalifa on Unsplash

There are a ton of different teenage girl birthday party activities that you can do in order to make the day special.

You can go shopping, have a spa day, or even just stay home and have a movie marathon. No matter what you do, though, teenage girl birthday party activities should be fun and memorable. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Some party ideas are complete themes, others are just fun activities teens can do to have a great time with their best friends, whether it’s just a few girls or a whole group of teens.

Teen activities of all kinds are included from teen slumber party ideas to outdoor teen activities you’re sure to find something to have a great time.

teenage girl birthday party activities

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Teenage Girl Birthday Party Activities That Involve Food

teenage girl birthday party activities
Photo by Robert Anderson on Unsplash

All the best parties have great food and drinks. Fun activities can be even be created around that idea. From something small and simple like making popcorn or finger foods to all-out competitions or formal dinner parties. Include junk food and healthy choices for everyone.

Try one of these birthday celebration party ideas:

  1. Picnic in the backyard or at a park
  2. Outdoor dinner party
  3. Formal indoor dinner party
  4. Tea Party – 13 Charming Tea Party Ideas
  5. Baking for fun or competition
  6. Gingerbread houses
  7. Cookies – bake and decorate
  8. Cooking – try a new recipe or share favorites
  9. Make your own pizza
  10. Smoothies
  11. Ice Cream Sundae Bar
  12. Cupcake Wars
  13. Blind Taster Game
  14. S’mores – with a campfire, in the oven, or try this indoor s’more maker.
  15. Make the birthday cake together – 29 Amazing Barbie Birthday Cake Ideas

Arts and Crafts Teenage Girl Birthday Party Activities

teenage girl birthday party activities 2
Photo by okeykat on Unsplash

These activities can be planned around one type of craft or by having all sorts of crafting supplies and letting the teenagers come up with different ideas on their own.

Party guests end up making something that becomes their party favor.

  1. Scrapbooking – everyone can go home with memories of the evening or create one by bringing some photos from home
  2. Dream Boards – use magazines to find pictures or words. Use a Cricut or print online
  3. Make Keychains for those new drivers
  4. Card Making – this idea can also pair with finding a cause to support. Send cards to nursing homes, children’s hospitals, or service members.
  5. Make resin crafts
  6. Make friendship bracelets
  7. Coloring – people of all ages still love coloring, teenage girls are no different
  8. Make posters for school sports – cheer on your friends at the next big game
  9. Tye-dye projects.
  10. Painting Party at home or at an outside venue that hosts them and provides the materials for a cost
  11. Make a succulent garden.

Pinterest is a great resource for finding different kinds of crafting projects.

More Teenage Party Themes

teenage girl birthday party activities 3
Photo by No Revisions on Unsplash

Using a theme is a great way to incorporate your teen’s interests into their special day.

  1. Music – sing your heart out, have lip-sync competitions, do karaoke, or play trivia games about music artists
  2. Movie Marathon Party – rom-com night, scary movies or play old classics
  3. Video Game Party – girls like gaming too, see ideas for gaming party here.
  4. Concert Party – go to a concert or have one at home
  5. Indoor Camping Party
  6. Have a favorite cause you support, like the local animal hospital? Do something unique by hosting a volunteer party. Gather the girls and donate your time. Or find a way to work together to raise money like a yard sale or lemonade and snack stand.
  7. Into theatre? Go see a play together.
  8. Carnival Party complete with a concession stand and carnival games
  9. Costume Party
  10. Murder Mystery Party

Need more teen party theme ideas?

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These were written with tweens in mind but both posts have some great theme party ideas:

Teenage Girl Birthday Party Activities That Are Games

teenage girl birthday party activities 4
Photo by Robert Coelho on Unsplash

Keep teenagers entertained with some great birthday party games. Use them as a whole theme or just as add ons for a good time. Some work best with just a few people others are perfect large group games.

  1. Escape Rooms
  2. Mad Libs
  3. M*A*S*H game – remember this game? See the rules here.
  4. Board Games
  5. Who Knows the Birthday Girl – see who can answer the most questions
  6. Solve a Murder Game
  7. Amazing Race Party
  8. 117 Never Have I Ever Questions For Teens

There are tons of fun games you can play at parties, find great ones with one of these posts:

Beauty or Fashion Teenage Girl Birthday Party Activities

teenage girl birthday party activities 5
Photo by Marissa Grootes on Unsplash
  1. Have a spa party at your home with stations for face, hair, nails, and toes
  2. Do Face treatments like gua sha or masks
  3. Fashion Show – use clothes from the closet or borrow pre-owned prom dresses
  4. Closet Clean Out – everyone brings clothes they no longer want. Hang them all up like a store. Take turns trying on fashions and everyone goes home with “new” clothes.
  5. Makeovers
  6. Make your own Beauty Products
  7. Temporary Tattoo Kits
  8. Jewelry Making
  9. Nail Painting
  10. Do each other’s hair try braids, new up do’s, or hot rollers for a new look
  11. Use an app like one of these to try new hairstyles
  12. Shopping trip
  13. Mall Scavenger Hunt
  14. Search magazines or online for prom dresses

Cool Teen Birthday Party Ideas with Physical and Outdoor Activities

teenage girl birthday party activities 6
Photo by Amauri Mejía on Unsplash

If your teenage girl is into being active, try one of these party ideas that have a physical or outdoor focus.

  1. Hiking – enjoy nature
  2. Beach party – sun, swimming, games, and friends
  3. Pool Party
  4. Get some exercise with one of these cool outdoor toys for teens
  5. Amusement or water park
  6. Sports – plan a competition like Wiffle ball or
  7. Go see a favorite sporting team
  8. Skating party – roller rink, ice rink, or lake
  9. Paintball
  10. Laser tag
  11. Scavenger hunt – find items you need to bring back.
  12. Photo scavenger hunt – find people, places, or things and take a selfie
  13. Treasure hunt – use geocaching locations listed online or hide one ahead of the party and everyone searches for the same one.
  14. Hula hoop contest
  15. Dance party
  16. Workout – encourage each other to move
  17. Yoga
  18. Camping party – in the backyard or at a campground


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Teen Sleepover Activities

teenage girl birthday party activities 8
Photo by Zoriana Stakhniv on Unsplash

You’ve already been together all day, maybe it’s a slumber party there’s still lots of fun to be had but sometimes laying around doing something but a whole lot of nothing and just talking away is what happens.

It’s a great idea to have activities to keep everyone from just retreating into their phones alone but still get to know each other even better.

  1. Listen to podcasts – listen to a comedy or maybe you can solve a mystery
  2. Binge a Netflix show
  3. Take a virtual tour of a national park, museum, or aquarium
  4. Watch zoo cams like these.
  5. Older teens can help each other look at colleges with virtual tours
  6. Do job searches and resumes together
  7. Write poems and share
  8. Bring yearbooks from parents or older siblings
  9. Create a mini-play and put it on for parents, siblings, or each other
  10. Create videos for tik tok
  11. Read magazines and share beauty, fashion, celebrity gossip
  12. Rearrange/redecorate a room help your friend see her room in a whole new way
  13. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  14. Photo booths change fashions, use props for lots of memory-making fun

So what are you waiting for?

Get started on your teenage girl’s birthday party plans and choose some teenage girl birthday party activities that will make her feel special and loved.

With a little effort, you can create a memorable event that she’ll never forget.

These great teen birthday party ideas have something for all types of teen girls.

Have any other fun ideas? Share them in the comments below. Have fun!

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