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#CakeGoals: 29 Amazing Barbie Cake Ideas to Inspire You

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Even before the new Barbie movie, who amongst us hasn’t dreamed of having a Barbie cake at their birthday party?

Whether you grew up in the 80s or the present, Barbie has been a part of many childhood memories.

Barbie isn’t just for kids. Especially with the premiere of the new Barbie movie, adults are getting in on the action. For GenX and boomers alike we all grew up with Barbie.

If you’re having a Barbie birthday party or just a Barbie party check out these dazzling Barbie cake ideas for some inspiration.

This article includes Barbie cake ideas for adults and teens, not just kids. Many cakes have some similarities but a little of this one and a little of that one and you can create your own Barbie cake masterpiece.

CakeGoals 29 Amazing Barbie Cake Ideas to Inspire You 2

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Pink & Gold Glamour Cake

Barbie Cake
Source: Pinterest

For a grown-up or glamour-themed Barbie party.

Imagination and Sparkle

Gold and Stars Barbie Cake
Photo Credit: Dolce Glaseado via Pinterest

We sell dreams, imagination, and sparkle. ”

— Mattel CEO (Will Farrell) from Barbie Movie (2023)

Pretty In Pink Barbie Cake

Feather Dress Barbie Doll Cake
Photo Credit: YumZee Cuppycakes @ Cakes Decor via Pinterest

Here’s a modern twist on the typical Barbie doll cake.

Princess Barbie Cake

Barbie Princess Cake 1
Photo Source: In The Kitchen with Matt via Pinterest

This beautiful Barbie doll cake features a multicolored dress. Head on over to In The Kitchen with Matt for instructions on how to make this cake.

Buttercream Drip Cake

Buttercream Drip Barbie Cake
Image Source: Tan Dulce by Romina via Pinterest

Tell me your secret dream, child.

Barbie Car Cake

Barbie Car Cake Corvette
Image Source: Pinterest

Vroom, vroom. Make a car with fondant or use a Barbie car to complete the Barbie cake idea you want.

When You Love Barbie and Mermaids

Barbie Birthday Cake For Girls
Source: Pinterest

Sometimes you just can’t decide, so why not do both? This works for Barbie Mariposa fairy cakes too.

Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun Barbie Pool Cake

Barbie Pool Cake
Photo Credit: Sheri Bakes

Check out the video reel on Sheri Bakes to see just how to make this awesome Barbie Cake with a pool.

Fashionista Barbie

Fashionista Barbie Cake
Source: Pinterest

For the fashion lover.

When Barbie Feels Like Wearing Blue

Blue Barbie Doll Cake
Photo Credit: My Cake Creations at Cake Central via Pinterest

Or perhaps it’s yellow today

Yellow Dress Barbie Doll Cake
Image Credit: Shereen’s Cakes and Bakes via Cakes Decor

Barbie can do anything! Who says she always has to wear pink?

Sweetheart Cake

Barbie themed birthday
Photo Credit: My Two Sweetie Pies via Pinterest

Be sure to check out this lovely shop if you live near Wilmington, NC.

Barbie Birthday Cake

Barbie Cake Adult
Photo Credit: Svetlana Petrova-Lani at Cakes Decor via Pinterest

Barbie’s a grown-up after all.

Ballerina Barbie

Barbie Ballet Cake
Photo Credit: Sweet Bites Cakes at Cake Central via Pinterest

This ballet-inspired Barbie cake reminds me of the Ballerina Barbie I had.

Barbie Goes to Paris Cake

Barbie in Paris Cake
Image Source: Pinterest
Paris Barbie Cake 1
Image Source: Pinterest

Barbie loves to travel.

It’s Like A Spa Day for My Brain

Barbie Spa Day
Photo Credit: Kalitepasta via Pinterest

Who doesn’t love a spa day? For spa birthday party ideas, see this post.

Sweet 16 Barbie Birthday Cake

Sweet 16 Barbie Cake
Image Source: Pinterest

Perfect Barbie birthday cake for a young lady.

Every Night Is A Girl’s Night Out

Barbie purse
Photo Credit: Cakes By Susan via Cakes Decor via Pinterest

This Barbie cake would be perfect for fashion lovers, travelers, or makeup enthusiasts.

It’s A Barbie World Cake

IG @matescakesandmore
Image Credit: Maria Teresa IG: @matescakesandmore via Pinterest

Lace and glitter and pink, oh my!

Groovy Malibu Barbie Cake

Malibu Barbie 70s vibe
Image Source: Pinterest

Surf’s up Barbie. I’ll see you on the Malibu beach.

80’s Rollerskating Barbie Birthday Cake

Malibu Barbie Cake
Image Source: Pinterest

Perfect for a summer beachy Barbie theme party.

Hula barbie cake

Or a luau

Polka Dots

Polka Dots and Stars Barbie Cake
Image Source: Pinterest

Barbie Cowgirl Cake

Pink Cow Print
Image Source: Pinterest

I haven’t seen a Barbie cowgirl doll cake yet, using the new Mattel Barbie doll, that looks like Margot Robbie in the new Barbie Movie but I’m sure they’ll be some soon. However, the Barbie doll itself is quite expensive, so making your own using a regular Barbie and finding a costume for her might be significantly less expensive than using the new collectible doll inside a cake.

Barbie Cake Pops

Barbie inspired cake pops
Image Source: via Pinterest

Use cake pops with these to create mini Barbie doll cakes for all your guests.

Pink Cake Pops

Starbucks Cake Pops Recipe
Image Credit: Eating on A Dime via Pinterest

Get this copycat cake pop recipe from Carrie over at Eating on a Dime

All That Glitters Barbie Cake Pops

Barbie cake pops
Image Credit: Sweet Haven Treats via Pinterest

Covered in pink sugar and a simple Barbie silhouette makes an adorable cake pop.

Glitzy Barbie Cakesicles

Barbie Cakesicles
Image Source: Pinterest

A new type of confection I hadn’t heard of, cakesicles. Different than a cake pop which is rolling cake and frosting together and then dipping in chocolate or sugar. With cakesicles, chocolate melts are put into popsicle molds and then filled with cake batter.

Pink Lover’s Barbie Cupcakes

Barbie and cupcakes toppers
Image Credit:  Mily’sCupcakes on Flickr via Pinterest

Fancy Silhouette Barbie Cupcakes

Barbie Cupcake Ideas
Image Source: Pinterest

Serve these elegant cupcakes in a cute Barbie-themed cup

Pink and Pearl Sophisticated Barbie Cupcakes

Two Toned Pearl Cupcakes
Image Credit: Instagram: Marco Polo Bakes via Pinterest

These gorgeous cupcakes aren’t necessarily Barbie cupcakes, but they would be lovely for a Barbie theme party.

More Barbie Cake Inspiration

Black pink Barbie birthday cake
Image Source: Pinterest
Pink and Black Barbie Cake
Image Source: Pinterest
barbie cake 1
Image Credit: Kerry’s Cakes via Cake Central
Barbie Cakes
Image source: Magazine Feminina
cake for Barbie theme
Image Source: Magazine Feminina
80s glitter barbie cake
Image Source: Magazine Feminina
Barbie cake with boa feathers
Image Source: Magazine Feminina
Barbie Cake with pearls and lace
Image Source: Magazine Feminina
Barbie Cake with Dainty flowers
Image Source: Magazine Feminina
Purple and Black Barbie Cake
Image Source: Magazine Feminina
Pink frosted cupcake with text overlay 29 Awesome Barbie Cakes

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