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125+ Best Girls Sleepover Ideas for Teens and Tweens

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Hey, it’s sleepover time! Time for some fun with your best friends.

But what sleepover activities can you do? You’ve done the usual sleepover stuff and now you’re looking for something new.

Well, look no further!

I’ve got some great sleepover ideas for teens (and tween girls too) that will keep you entertained all night long. From making friendship bracelets to playing fun slumber party games, we’ve got something for everyone.

So gather your friends and be ready for fun.

sleepover ideas for teen and tween girls

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Tips for How to Have the Best Slumber Party

These are my best tips for a successful sleepover party.

Start with a cute invitation. Whether they’re handcrafted like these, printed out, bought, or even virtual, it’s fun to receive an invitation. Besides, it’s helpful for other parents to have the party info handy as well as for you to plan how many guests will attend.

Consider the number of guests. Two guests are fine. Four or more girls are great too. Try to avoid three. With experience, I’ve found that one girl gets left out, intentionally or not.

Have each girl bring their own pillow and sleeping bag or blankets. Items that feel and smell familiar are comforting, especially for girls who may not have much experience with sleepovers. It also makes for easy clean-up, as each person picks up and takes home their stuff.

Use patio cushions to make the floor more comfortable. Inexpensive pool floats work well too.

Decide on a few games and activities ahead of time. While having things for the girls to do is a good idea, too many can create a mess as well as indecision and conflict.

Have a variety of foods. By having an assortment of healthy snacks and junk food you can cover personal preferences as well as picky eaters. You don’t want anyone going home hungry. Be sure to ask about any food allergies ahead of time.

Plan what to watch. Every family has very different rules when it comes to viewing mature content. When in doubt, ask or gear towards younger viewers. Not all kids are okay with scary movies, and some will not want to admit that in front of their friends.

Consider the ages of the tweens and teens. Sleepover ideas for an 11-year-old are much different for 17-year-olds. Some girls are more mature, some households are more lenient, whereas others are much more strict.

If you have a variety of ages, as can happen when there are siblings or cousins involved, try to have a little something for everyone. If ages are far apart, see if siblings could go to someone else’s house. If it can’t be avoided or you prefer not to do that, parties that revolve around food or crafts can keep everyone included.

Sleepover Party Themes for Teens and Tweens

It seems to be endless the sleepover ideas for teens people think of and party themes are no different.

Some great theme ideas include:

Each of these ideas is expanded on in this post:

9 Fantastic Birthday Party Themes for Tween Girls She’ll Love

More themes:

With all the sleepover ideas for teens below you can certainly create a theme around one of them or just plan a night of food and fun. Enjoy!

Slumber Party Decorations

Decorations aren’t necessary but they sure add to the excitement.

Balloon Pop Time – I love this idea. Write the name of a pre-chosen activity on a slip of paper. Place the paper inside a balloon. Blow up the balloon and write a time on it. Do this for as many balloons as you’d like. When the time written on a balloon arrives, pop the balloon to reveal the fun sleepover activity. The activities are kept in suspense until the time reveals it.

Theme-related – If a theme is chosen all sorts of decorations can be created around it.

Balloons – Balloon arches, garlands or number mosaics make great photo ops.

Photo backdrop – Create a backdrop for photo poses. They can be generic or coordinate with a theme or even be personalized to the celebration.

To create an easy one, hang a plastic tablecloth on the wall. It can be decorated ahead of time with paints or decorations you stick on. You can even make an outline of an instant photo to hang and use as a frame.

Photo Booth props – adding all sorts of props like hats, wigs, boas, and glasses makes for fun memories. Kits are also available for purchase.

Sleepover Party Favors

Matching pajamas – buy t-shirts to decorate or ones that have been premade for guests.

Sleep masks – These can be purchased and decorated ahead of time or used as a fun activity.

Pillowcases – Girls can design their own and then it can double as a party favor.

Sleepover Food Ideas

All great slumber parties have good food and drinks. You can keep it easy by ordering a few pizzas and throwing out a few bowls of chips and dip or you can turn party food into its own party theme or activity.

Make your own pizza – From simple to toppings galore, pizza is always a favorite. Want to turn it into a whole theme? Read this theme post: 9 Fantastic Birthday Party Themes for Tween Girls She’ll Love

Hot Cocoa Bar – For a winter sleepover, this is a must! Set out a variety of toppings such as marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and sprinkles.

S’mores – don’t have a firepit? Try this s’more maker.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar – Have a few kinds of ice cream and a bunch of toppings like chocolate syrup, caramel, marshmallow, sprinkles, candies like m and m’s, peanut butter cups, or gummy bears. Use bowls but add cones to the station too.

Taco Party – Tacos aren’t just for Tuesday. Serve up some tacos with a few of these delicious sides.

Pancake or Waffle Bar – Set up a variety of toppings or ingredients like chocolate chips, sliced bananas and strawberries, whipped cream, and of course syrup.

Chocolate Fountain – Have a fun dipping station with chunks of pineapple, strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, pretzels, and peanut butter.

Snowcones – Snowcone stations are fun for summer outdoor parties or carnival themes.

Smoothies – Make these healthy drinks with a bunch of fruits. This is a fun addition to a spa party.

Milkshakes– Make rootbeer floats or a copycat shake like this one.

Breakfast Casserole – Kids can make it the night before and have a tasty breakfast ready for the morning.

Indoor Picnic – Set up some big pillows, patio cushions, or layout blankets, or make a low table with pallets. Serve sandwiches, cheese and crackers, and of course a good party punch.

Cheerio Snack Bars – Similar to rice crispy bars, this yummy treat is made with cheerios and marshmallows.

Midnight Snack Bar – There’s a good chance teens are still up late, especially at sleepovers. How about snack trays with a variety of treats before they’re off to bed.

Soft Pretzel Bar – I’ve seen this idea a lot for weddings, but why not a teen party. Add toppings like cinnamon, sugar, vanilla icing, and mustard. This goes with any party, but particularly well with a carnival or movie theme. Lemonade is the perfect pairing.

Cereal Bar – This is an easy alternative to either making breakfast or just making sure kids eat something. Buy single-serve cereals and attach a plastic spoon with a ribbon.

Snack Tray – These can be put together with muffin tins, shower caddies or cardboard takeout boxes. Simply add a few snacks and cups. You can even personalize the beverage containers so they become a take-home gift.

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Sleepover Party Games for Tweens and Teens

Play some favorite games and try a few new ones.

Indoor Party Games

Minute-to-WinIt Games – There are tons of minute-to-win-it games out there, here are 30.

Truth or Dare – This game is a classic sleepover game

MASH – remember this game? Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House

  1. Write MASH and list your categories: Life partner, number of kids, job, salary, car, and where you live.
  2. List four or five options for each category, with your friend adding a terrible last option for each.
  3. One person begins making a spiral on a piece of paper. You call out when to stop. Count each line from one outer edge of the spiral to the other. That is your number. Let’s say it’s 5.
  4. Going down your list of possible options, count to the fifth one and cross it out. Repeat.
  5. When all but one option in a category is struck out, circle the remaining one.
  6. Tell everyone your fortune. Ex. I marry _______. We have _____kids. etc.

20 Questions – Can you guess what I’m thinking of, or see?

Magic 8 Ball – Another fun fortune-telling game.

M&M Challenge Game – Get a bowl of different colored M&Ms in the middle of you. Each guest takes turns picking out two M&Ms without looking. If they are the same color you can eat them. If not you must hold them in your mouth till you get two of the same color.

Board games – Try a new game or have everyone bring a favorite.

Sleepover Party Game – this one is made just for this occasion.

Card games – With just a simple deck of cards there are so many games you can play.

Scavenger Hunt – This doesn’t need to be your typical search and find game. Try one from our list of 49 different types, both indoors and out.

Guilty Party

Each person writes something they’ve done on an index card along with their name. The “crime” should be something others may not know like an embarrassing story, similar to the never have I ever questions.

Karaoke Party Games for Teenagers

With the help of a karaoke machine or this cool microphone, teens can just take turns singing or they can set up a number of fun games for a karaoke party.

  • Singing contest
  • Lip Sync Battle
  • Mystery Singer – blindfold a guest and try to guess the singer
  • Name that Lyric – match the lyric to the song
  • Music Trivia – Guests have to name the artist and song. The guest with the most correct answers wins

Tik Tok Games

With all the content on TikTok, you can find some great stuff to work with to create a fun sleepover game. Players can use their phones to think of ideas or they can be decided on ahead of time by putting the ideas on cards.

Teens can do some of the famous challenges and decide if their friends nailed it. Try these:

  • Finish the phrase
  • Guess the song
  • Name that Dance
  • Match/name that sound

Video Games – Build with Minecraft, jump around to Just Dance or host competitions. Many more girls play video games than ever before, including shooting games.

Virtual Games – Have kids who couldn’t come? Either include them via zoom, with facetime, or even try one of these game night options.

For more game ideas:

Outdoor Games

Backyard Bowling – Use a premade set or make one with water bottles. Add glow sticks for night bowling.

Giant Jenga – Take this classic game to the backyard.

Glow in the Dark Games – Take the fun into the night.

Try this glow-in-the-dark cotton candy to add to the fun.

Glow in the dark bubblesLearn to make them here.

For planning a glow-in-the-dark party: 7+ Easy Party Ideas for Tween Boys

77 Outdoor Toys for Teens to Have Fun All Summer Long

More Sleepover Ideas for Teens

Spa night facemasks – girls of all ages love pampering.

Manicures – Girls can take turns giving manicures, doing their own or if hosting a spa party you can even enlist a few friends or hire a manicurist to come over.

Pedicures including foot scrubs – soak away and go home with pretty toes.

Chalk Hair – This is a fun activity for tweens. Now head over to the photo booth!

Talent Show – Plan this ahead in case someone needs to bring something like a musical instrument.

Dance Party – easy by just turning on the music. Have a contest, use Just Dance or bring out the hula hoops.

Camp in the backyard – one big tent or a few small ones plus a campfire, some music, and s’mores.

Blanket Fort – Create a huge fort with blankets and pillows for all-night giggles.

Trampoline sleepover – Get the girls off the ground with this cool idea. Decorate the trampoline with twinkle lights and fill it with lots of pillows and blankets.

Make a summer bucket list – plan the whole summer with some great ideas.

Make a lifetime bucket list – a girl can dream.

Share kindness – Write each girl’s name at the top of a paper. Pass them around and each girl writes something nice about the person anonymously.

Make a video – make clips of the night into a longer movie or create shorts for tik tok

Movie Marathon – Put on old classics or try some new ones. Binge the newest season of their favorite show when it drops. Make a concession stand with a DIY movie night popcorn bar.

51 Best Flippin’ Cheerleading Movies and TV Shows

Movies under the stars – Take it outside with a projector and screen. I love the idea of using blow-up pools filled with pillows and blankets for guests to enjoy the movie.

Backyard pool party – don’t have a pool, use a few small kiddie pools.

Do an online Zumba class – try yoga, belly dancing, or the hula.

3D puzzle – Have fun with one of these unique puzzles.

Toss and Talk Beach Ball – using a beach ball, write a question on each panel of the beach ball. Toss the ball around and the person who gets the ball, answers the question closest to their right thumb. Pass it in one direction, throw it to someone, or pass to music and stop when the music does.

Fun Sleepover Crafts for Tweens and Teen Girls

Having one or two fun crafts for the girls to do is a great way to keep them entertained. With no shortage of crafting ideas for girls, you’re bound to find something to please them.

You can provide an assortment of crafting supplies, glue sticks, or even a glue gun. If you’re good with a sewing machine, you can even help the girls with a bit of instruction.

Friendship Bracelets – Buy a kit or purchase embroidery floss and beads in multiple colors.

Photo Collage – A photo collage is a great sleepover activity because it’s easy to make and everyone can contribute. You just need some pictures, glue and a big piece of paper or cardboard. You can use magazines or old newspapers to cut out photos too!

String Art – String art is another fun sleepover craft. It’s easy to do and the results are always impressive.

Beaded Necklaces – Beaded necklaces are a great sleepover craft because they’re easy to make and can be personalized however you want. You just need some beads, thread or embroidery floss, and a needle. Using different colors and textures of beads will create a really pretty necklace.

Make blankets – no-sew blankets make a fun project to take home or make a fabulous donation.

Make your own jewelry – a variety of items can be purchased, girls can choose to make earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. Or try a jewelry-making kit like this one.

9 Easy DIY Jewelry Crafts for Tweens and Teens

Scrapbook of the sleepover – each girl can create a memory book of the good time she had. Use craft items, colored pencils, markers, and instant photos.

Make your own lip balm – try this great one using Koolaid

Painted rocks – there are a variety of ways girls can decorate them. Make people, mandalas, or even kindness rocks, like these.

Candle making – Make personalized scented candles with this kit.

Flower pressing – Go flower picking or buy some at the store.

Flower pounding – this unique craft creates some beautiful results. It can be done on paper or fabric.

Cupcake decorating – Have fun decorating or turn it into a contest.

Gingerbread houses – not just for holiday time, these are fun all year round. Glue isn’t tasty but sure is the secret to making these stay together.

Paint chip crafts – There are a variety of crafts with paint sample cards. Check these out.

Card Making – This idea can also pair with finding a cause to support. Send cards to nursing homes, children’s hospitals, or service members.

Tye-dye projects – make t-shirts, bags, or hair ties.

Perler beads – make keychains, magnets, or a picture.

Painted mason jars – make cute designs for holding pencils, kitchen utensils, or beauty supplies. They can be solid colors, made to look like sea glass, or patterns like watermelons, or these cool glitter jars.

Bath bombs – make your own fizzy, scented bath bombs.

13 Easy DIY Beauty Crafts for Tweens and Teens

Sharpie art on sneakers – create personalized designs guests can wear home.

Nail polish marbling – a cool technique using water and nail polish to marble just about anything. We’ve even seen people do this with Easter eggs!

Friendship pins – make beaded safety pins to trade and share.

Origami – How many designs can you make?

Giant paper flowers – tweens and teens will love this one to decorate their room or for photo backdrops.

Dream catchers – a classic sleepover craft that can be made in so many different ways.

Washi tape projects – art work, decorate school supplies or create something cool for their room. Check out 50 washi ideas here.

Duct tapemake wallets, flowers, and more.

Slime – now that it’s arrived, I don’t think this fun project will ever go away.

Decorate seashells – Add some color to otherwise plain white shells.

Tape resist art – try this one that looks like stained glass.

Decoupage storage boxes – make a pretty box to store mementos.

Customized travel mugs – These pretty glitter mugs are perfect for favors and sipping party drinks.

Button art – Teens can take home a masterpiece or monogram for their room

Painted terracotta pots – For themselves or gifts, add a plant or use to organize.

Macrame yarn garland – a little something to decorate their room.

Make your own crystals with this video

Safety pin necklace and bracelet These amazing creations are not your typical homemade jewelry.

Journal DIY – Buy plain journals and decorate them.

T-shirt tote bag – Make one of these cute totes out of an old t-shirt in just 10 minutes, no sewing!

Salt art painting – try this different technique for some artsy fun.

Yarn letters – make a monogram for your room.

Cactus pet rocks – these adorable “plants” won’t need watering at all.

Glass magnets -perfect for displaying art on the fridge or decorating school lockers.

Mason jar snow globe – Use small items from the dollar store to create a customized scene. They don’t even have to be winter themes, check out these beachy globes.

Sleepovers are a fun tradition for teen girls, and there are many ways to make them special.

I’ve shared some of my favorite ideas, but I want to hear from you.

What are your best sleepover ideas?

Share them in the comments below or on my social media pages. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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