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How to Succeed in High School and Prep for College

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This article will give you some of THE best resources on how to succeed in high school and prep for college. Use these high school success tips to skyrocket and get the results you want.

If you’re a teen, congratulations on wanting to take school success and your future to the next level.

These programs are designed just for you to make that happen.

If you’re a college student, don’t run away yet.

While a few of them are designed specifically for high school students these tools can help you too.

Chances are, the rest of you are my regular readers…

…moms of teens trying to tackle yet another family worry…teen academic success.

And for middle schoolers, it’s not too early.

Did you know some scholarships can be applied for as soon as 13!

Look no further, I have recently found these products that I’m so very excited to share.

How to succeed in high school and prep for college with these resources and skyrocket the results you want. #teen #highschool #collegeplanning

This post contains affiliate links. I will earn a commission at no additional charge to you if you make a purchase using my links. Click here to see my full disclosure policy.

Having every one of these in your arsenal will do wonders for your teen’s high school career and beyond.

Each one used individually will be a huge benefit to your teen, but using them together will absolutely skyrocket their success and get truly amazing results.

I have listed them not necessarily in order of importance, but to keep it simple in terms of what most likely happens first.  I believe each one to be critical to the whole plan.

High School Survival Kit

This FREE kit put together by Mel over at Parenting Highschoolers has a separate kit for each year of high school.

What’s Included:

  • A “To Do” List by grade
  • 12-month calendar for important dates
  • Activity/Volunteer Tracker
  • College Visit Checklist
  • Scholarship Tracker
  • Career Worksheet
  • Other grade-specific worksheets

I downloaded the planners for every grade level.

While there is a bit of overlap, that’s a benefit.

Some forms are needed for each year like the handy calendar or maybe the task needs to be done more than once.

Repeating some of the information is always a good thing so you don’t forget.

Even if your teen already completed some of the years, I would encourage you to download all of them to be sure you haven’t overlooked any critical steps.

I only have one in high school right now, but I love these kits.

My son goes to a regional vocational school, though they do encourage college so academics still have a strong emphasis…hello it’s Massachusetts where schools breathe mandated tests.

He is leaning heavily on pursuing the masonry field that he’s learning.

Even so, I still think the volunteer tracker, career worksheets, resume template, and calendar can be used for any student no matter their path.

And like their moods, teens change their minds, a lot.

When the others finish middle school and start freshman year, we’ll be using this planner for sure.

>>>Get the High School Survival Kit HERE

Don’t miss this… Mel from Parenting High Schoolers has written this fabulous new book available in paperback and on Kindle.


Planning for College Planner

This awesome planner over at Almost Empty Nest is a comprehensive planner that has everything you can think of included.

From the first thoughts of planning out your high school career to the events of dorm move-in day, Laura has thought of everything.

After helping 2 sons through the college planning process and about to help her daughter, she was frustrated when she couldn’t find anything out there to make it easier.

So she did what moms do…

she created her own resource packet and now she’s sharing it with you.

The Planning for College Planner includes:

  • High school course planning
  • High school resume planning
  • Volunteer hours record
  • SAT/ACT planning
  • Junior year checklist
  • College fairs and visits to your high school
  • Letters of recommendation
  • College research planning
  • Summer before senior year checklist
  • Senior year checklist
  • August – August (13) full calendar pages for senior year
  • Reflection pages
  • Note-taking pages
  • College visit evaluation forms
  • Application checklist and worksheets
  • Essay checklist
  • Essay worksheets
  • FAFSA checklist
  • Scholarship application checklist
  • Scholarship worksheets
  • College decision worksheet
  • Dorm shopping checklist
  • Dorm assignment and roommate worksheet
  • Meal plan worksheet
  • Degree plan worksheets
  • Moving day guide for students and parents

If your teen is a boy, don’t let the floral designs distract from the goal, and let’s be real,  there’s a good chance us moms are filling most, okay all, of these out anyway.😉

>>>Get The Planning For College Planner HERE for digital download

or if you’d rather get it in paperback, you can get it HERE.

Planning for collegePlanning for collegebuy5

Even though I’ve recommended two planners, I do think it’s worth it to get both of them.  They do have some of the same information but both have handy tips and a style all their own.

Straight-A Student

This proven system was created by Daniel Wong, best-selling author of The Happy Student: 5 Steps to Academic Fulfillment and Success. 

from the website…”This is a step-by-step system, which will propel you toward academic success. By using this system, I guarantee that you’ll become more focused, organized and disciplined.”

Even though the program is called,  The Straight-A Student Weekly Checklist.

Don’t let the title fool you…it’s no quickie checklist.

While it seems simple at first glance, this system is chockful of highly detailed, very specific instructions that offer no fluff, only direct, effective steps that you can’t misinterpret.

With the immediate bonuses like the planning sheet template and quick reference guides as well as more freebie offers that come to your inbox later, you will have all the tools to get them started right or steer them back on track.

These are just two freebies with school success tips that we got… What to Do if Your Teen Hates School and 10 Things Parents Should Not Say to Their Teenagers

We also have The Complete Guide to Taking Tests and Exams.

You can get that HERE.

I have 3 very different kids.

My oldest son is nearly 16. He’s winding down his freshman year.

It’s been a challenging year for him.

While he is very intelligent, he barely survived algebra.   And neither did we.

The multiple steps and his lack of focus teamed up to work against him.

Other grades began to slide when a dip in self-esteem and lack of discipline combined with that oh so joyous teen attitude to create a perfect storm.

I purchased Daniel’s Straight-A Student program in a mom panic but too close to the end of the school year to really implement the system.

Not that it’s difficult, but it will be a dramatic change in the way my son operates.

**Read as…he has always wanted to pilot his own ship😒

Plus, in a vocational school format, academics are only every other week.

We, **read as I,  are so pumped to put it in place for next year.

My daughter is almost 12.

She’s just completing her first year of middle school.

She already excels academically.

While she doesn’t necessarily need this program.

I have no doubt that implementing the tools as her school responsibilities change will be a great benefit.

Not to mention that girl loves a good planning system like her mom.

My youngest son is just 10.

He too has excellent grades.

But with only just finishing 4th grade, the workload and expectations aren’t what they will be once he moves to middle school next year.

His personality falls somewhere in between his brother and sister.

He still likes school like his sister but he has had some forgetful moments this year about assignments and has an easy-going attitude rather than her type-A personality.

I can see that with more work but also less leeway in accountability he might waver.

Of all the kids so far he is the one most excited about the program.

Probably because he sees the benefit the most.

The oldest is discouraged right now and can’t see anything working… anyway, what plans?  Why? Who does that? What are those?…hello ADHD.🤦‍♀️

And for my daughter right now everything academics just works for her spot on with her own self-taught skills.

Though again, I do see it helping once things get harder.

Once we use it next year, I will definitely be letting you know more,

>>>Get the Straight-A Student Checklist HERE


How To Win Scholarships

Monica Romero Matthews is a mom just like you.  A mom searching for answers for her family,

When she was searching for guidance on how to help her son win scholarships, she did not find what she was looking for.

She needed help and wanted to learn how to win a scholarship! 

She took matters into her own hands and researched successful scholarship winners and discovered what scholarship judges look for in their chosen winners.

And her methods worked.  Her son was awarded over $100,000 in scholarships!

As a result, she developed a method like no other found anywhere on the internet or in scholarship help books.

In the scholarship guides…

Learn amazing ways to:

  • Get organized
  • Find scholarships
  • Get great letters of recommendation
  • Write a memorable (and winning!) essay
  • Put together an application package that looks, feels, and IS different from all the rest
  • Get the most financial aid possible
  • And much more scholarship help!

How to Win College Scholarships guide will tell you exactly what you need to do to get started NOW on winning as much FREE money for college as possible.


Did you know scholarships aren’t just for high school students?

How to Win Scholarships unique methods will also work for current college students, adult students going back to school, and students who have taken a “gap year” after high school.

How to Win College Scholarships will help you by teaching you a method of putting together your scholarship application packets in a way that looks, feels, and IS different from those submitted by your peers.

Your college scholarship applications will stand out and get noticed by the judges and THAT is the way to win scholarships.

The parent guide shows exactly what parents can do to help their students prepare their scholarship applications in a way that will set them apart and get them noticed.

The student guide shows students what they need to do to create scholarship application packets that will impress any scholarship judge.

Both guides are organized into 10 clear and easy-to-follow sections, with step-by-step instructions on perfecting scholarship applications, along with tips on what college scholarship selection committees look for and how to win scholarships.

>>>Get the How to Win Scholarships guides HERE

I can’t wait to put all these tools together to help my kids know how to succeed in high school and prep for college and boost their academic success.

As we move through this process I’ll be sure to report back and fill you in.

And I hope you let me know too!

How to succeed in high school and prep for college with these resources and skyrocket the results you want. #teen #highschool #collegeplanning

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.