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How to Make Her an Amazing First Period Survival Kit

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A first-period kit is a must-have for tween and teen girls before they start menstruating.

The sooner you have it ready the better.

Help them feel better for that time of the month

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>>>In a hurry?…..get a ready-made mini period kit here for on the go….

They grow up so fast these days” seems so cliché, but seriously, it’s happening around here.

My daughter will be 11 in just a few weeks. She’s only 48 pounds and 48” tall.

Yet this week we got a huge surprise.

She started her period. Holy crap. T-E-N

Now we’d already talked about periods several times before.

She had just had the school health class version only the day before and wham.

Of course like a typical guy and Dad in Denial, my husband asked if I was sure.

Um, yeah, I’m sure.

I had already seen a great idea to make an easy at-home DIY First Period Kit.  

But I thought I still had time.

Off we went on an emergency Walmart run since the pads I have would have been crazy big.

Guess what, we discovered Kotex tween pads like the ones shown here.

Yeah, just their size, who knew.

The pads have hearts and stars on them…really!

** Update…some stores seem to be fazing out the tween version and opt for only the teen version instead.  We like these too!

This girls-only trip gave us a good excuse to look at girls bras.

These are so cute by the way.

Not those horrid white lacy itchy things we had to wear.

Though 33 years after I insisted to my mom that I wouldn’t hate wearing it one day, I still don’t really need one and hate it when I have to. Which since I stay home is rarely.

iconI am extremely proud of how my daughter handled her first period.

Very mature.

Open with questions and answers.

Sorry, it doesn’t really get better, but it still beats being a man.Sorry, it doesn’t really get better, but it still beats being a manClick to Tweet

It made us laugh. I offer no apologies.

It’s the truth.

I’m glad we can talk.

Around the world and even in America, women and girls are made to feel uncomfortable for something that happens every month, is out of their control and is perfectly natural.

For more on this fascinating topic on human rights, #endperiodpoverty in a movement that is spreading go to this article.

**Update**  If your daughter starts her period young, you may want to consult her doctor.  Right after this post was written we went for a check-up here’s what we learned.

There are 5 stages of puberty

The onset of periods is usually the last stage.

Our daughter is not only small for her age, but she was only in the 2nd stage of puberty according to other body changes observed by her doctor.

Because this would usually not be the timing for periods to start, we saw an endocrinologist to make sure everything was okay.

Some kids start puberty early due to medical conditions and others due to environmental factors.

Luckily this was not the case.

All other factors being normal, it was determined that our daughter most likely had an ovarian cyst that burst.

Many women have cysts that come and go unnoticed every month and it is normal.

Thankfully, that seems to be all it was because we haven’t seen Aunt Flo since.

how to make a first period survival kit for tween and teen girls. all the essentials for helping them start out and feel better #firstperiod #periodkit #tween #teen #periodhacks


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Free Printable for tracking your period by the month or the year. #bulletjournal #period #teen #tween

So what do you need to make a first-period kit?

Really just any kit will do, but making one customized for your daughter does make for a fun conversation starter for one of those weird puberty talks.

Want to get a kit that includes everything she needs and more?  Done for you.  So cool.  AND keeps on coming?

Try Shark Week Survival Subscription Kit


Pads for teen girls

With her size and age, we aren’t even considering tampons.

These are perfect.  Even though these are marketed for tweens and teens, as a petite woman,  I actually like the way they fit me.

We also just discovered these for avoiding leaks.

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret – By Judy Blume

If you’re a kid from the ’70s or ’80s no teen girl years are complete without the mantra of “We must, we must, we must increase our bust.” and of course testing it out to see if it works, you know, just to be sure, in case it does.

If only.  😉

This coming of age book is a must-read.  You can read our review HERE.

We also have this book in both girl and boy versions.  For more of our favorite puberty books for girls….read this post.

Something Yummy for hormonal cravings 

You know your girl, so give her something good.

Maybe it’s sweet like M & M’s or salty like Pringles.

Or even a little of both like Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed with Sea Salt like these, mmmm.

Something Soft for comfort

If you’re already crabby and want to curl in a ball, a fluffy throw,  extra soft sweatshirt or fuzzy socks is soothing.

This is one of my new favorites, I just can’t put down.

A New Journal for all those tween thoughts and emotions

At a time when everything seems weird and her world is changing, a journal can give her a place to sort out, well you know, stuff.

It can be just for her, or a new way for the two of you to share your thoughts.

By writing back and forth with each other it offers an opportunity to reflect back on the “conversations”, give time for thoughtful answers and provide a way for otherwise awkward conversations to turn into meaningful connections without embarrassment.  For both of you 🙂

This journal is so cute, don’t forget a cool matching pen … or 10, like these with the crowns.

Try out our new FREE Bullet Journal Tracking Worksheets and get a handle on what key areas of self-care makes a difference in moods

Use thes bullet journal tracking sheets to watch patterns emerge and learn mood triggers. See the link between daily habits and mood. Gives kids a chance to learn how to take an active role in how they feel. See how self-care is not only okay, but essential. #bulletjournal #tweens #teens #parenting

A magazine for tweens just like her

Whether she’s into fashion or still too young for makeup, she will enjoy a magazine.

My daughter really enjoys  BYOU magazine. (Be Your Own You) and I am comfortable with the content.

Empowering messages and positive girl role models are a focus.  (I don’t get a commission from this one, I just really like it)

Hot/Cold Pack for cramps and comfort

Headaches, cramps, and backaches are all part of the deal, but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer.

These are better heated in the microwave for cramps but for back pain or a headache sometimes cooled in the freezer works better.

For someone who has minimal sewing skills, these were so easy we even made some as gifts.

Here’s one I made for our house.  At 20″ x 7″, this one measures on the large size for extra comfort.

Be prepared for starting your period when on the go with this quick and easy DIY period to go kit

Learn how to make this heat pack in this post HERE

Don’t worry this tutorial is for people who really do suck at sewing, like me, but if you’d rather buy a heat pack, try this.

Water bottle for hydration

This awesome idea came from a reader. 

Buy a special water bottle just to mark the start of something new.

With this time comes the beginning of learning that taking care of herself involves many aspects.

Hydration is always important but during her period when she is more emotional and more tired it will help.  Water is also helpful to combat cramps and headaches.

More Pain Relief solutions for cramps and headaches

For girls on the go, you can’t always be lazing around with the rice pack or heated blanket (like I do).

So Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen or Naproxen are a must.

How about these pain relief patches for another alternative for when you’re on the go.

 LILAS Pain Relief Patch (10-Pack) – Natural Relief for Menstrual Period Cramps | Made of Essential Oils | Designed for PMS Relief | Plant Based Painkiller AlternativeLILAS Pain Relief Patch (10-Pack) - Natural Relief for Menstrual Period Cramps | Made of Essential Oils | Designed for PMS Relief | Plant Based Painkiller Alternative

 Or this one below.

 MIGHTY BLISSTM Large Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief -Extra Large [12MIGHTY BLISSTM Large Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief -Extra Large [12

Adorable Emergency Bag for an on the go period kit

Be prepared for starting your period when on the go with this quick and easy DIY period to go kit

For when she’s on the go and the unexpected happens.

Pads, extra undies, and some pain relief can be kept in the car or her school bag.

Don’t forget comfort kits and to-go kits if she divides her time between homes.

Here’s an easy-peasy guide to making a DIY period to-go bag. 

Speaking of school, check out this locker essentials kit that can be easily customized for girls or boys.

I LOVE this idea from a reader…

Using a pencil bag, the kind with holes to put it in a binder, make a simple to-go bag they can attach inside a school binder so its always with them during the school day.

We love this one since you can’t see what’s inside.  Plus it’s pretty 🙂

Since I am expecting to be throwing snacks at her while she’s curled up in her blanket with a magazine while growling I suppose the next project is going to be doing a room makeover for her.

She’s still sharing one with her little brother as we juggle around bedrooms with Grandma gone.

They used to get along like peanut butter and jelly.

How to Make an Amazing First Period Survival Kit

But now here’s my little sweetheart…..just like her perimenopause mama.

Speaking of attitudes, if you’ve got a tween attitude in your house, click here and try these helpful tips.

Get the Printable Checklist & Period Tracker

Free Printable for tracking your period by the month or the year. #bulletjournal #period #teen #tween

Have anything else that you’d include in a first-period kit? …. drop us a comment.

If it’s all about puberty at your house I KNOW you’ll LOVE:


Periods suck no matter the age...offer some comfort by making her a first-period kit to let her know how much you understand #periods #puberty #teens #tweens #girls #periodkit

Click Here for Free Period Tracker & Checklist for making a first-period survival kit for tween and teen girls. all the essentials for helping them start out and feel better #firstperiod #periodkit #tween #teen #period

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29 thoughts on “How to Make Her an Amazing First Period Survival Kit”

  1. I plan to add a fun trip for a pedi and some mom/daughter bonding time over some ice cream. I opted to keep the bird and the bees talk until after she started so that may be the topic of conversation during this time as well.

  2. Hi guys!
    My granddaughter doesn’t want to talk about it with her mom so I guess that leaves it up to me. I started at 9 so I want them to be ready at that age which she is now.
    I’m going to get her supplies ready along with her kit and have the talk when I present it to her.
    Pray she doesn’t get it before then.

    • Hi MsV, Your granddaughter is lucky to have you in her life. How wonderful that she has someone who not only realizes she doesn’t want to talk to her mom but is willing to step in. As long as she has someone who she can confide in she’ll do great. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I have made my daughter a period kit months ago. I included wipes, pads, underwear, and a bag to put soiled underwear in just in case.

    • Hi Casey, Great ideas! It’s important to be prepared especially when periods can be so unpredictable. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hi, my two preteens just started theirs 6m apart, the oldest is 12 1/2, the younger will be 11 in a month. One thing we added to this list is a cool new water bottle. My kids all already have one for their bedside, but a special new one just because it’s their first time is a special reminder that hydration really helps against cramping and exhaustion. I also save a small budget aside for that time so that I can remember to buy some sort of special chocolate or other snack to help against the cramping

    • Hey Lyle, What a fabulous idea. In Quick Tips for Tween Attitude I included hydration as one of the key habits to teach them, but I love that you’ve incorporated it with their new period routine to reinforce that taking care of themselves is so important. I’m going to include your idea here too! And yes, chocolate is a must. Thanks for commenting.

  5. An idea that my friend came up with—a zippered pouch with 3 rings that fits into a binder (the kind of pouch used for pencils). Not transparent. Keep extra pads for emergencies. Students always have their binders.

    • Hi Gail…I love that idea! Often classes and lockers are not close to each other and it won’t be lost or forgotten. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. Include a note for your daughter to read when it happens. If she’s away from home she’ll appreciate a note saying, “Stay calm. Congrats! I can’t wait to talk when you get home. Here’s some tips … , Love you! You’re beautiful.”

  7. Nice, I really wouldn’t have thought to do something like this but I most definitely will be on it now. My daughter is in the 3rd grade but there’s no time like the present to start somewhere. She is in between her dads house and mines so I will buy her a kit for over there too but I really do hope she’s with me when it happens. I remember getting my period at school and felt so alone until my mother got home in the evening to see how I was doing.

    • Hi Aarti, Having one in each place is a great idea. I agree with wanting to be there when it happens. Since you can’t be sure of that, talking about it ahead of time will go a long way just in case. The post 3 Fun Puberty Books for Girls has some good books I recommend. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Love the post. My daughter is going into the 5th grade next week and I already made her a pack. I forgot to include something for pain. I also included a feminine wipe…you know to freshen up from possible accidents. Thanks for all the tips and extras I hadn’t thought of.

    • Hi Tiffany, Happy to hear you liked the post. The feminine wipes are a great addition. I’ll have to add those into the post. I should do another post for an on-the-go kit. Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

    • Aww thanks. Wow your comment takes me back…I forgot about the Jr. High Gym class kits. Since my mom avoided the subject I appreciated that too.

  9. ALL great ideas!! Wish I had known about this when my daughter and granddaughters reached this important event in their lives. Great job mom!! Can you tell me what exactly goes in the heat/cold packs? I would love to make some as gifts! Glad to see the new post.

    • Hi Karen, I know right. How did mom’s get by without Pinterest, it’s an epic mom (and grandmom) resource, lol. The ones I have now are filled with rice. It wasn’t my favorite filler since when heated you can smell it, not bad, just could be better. I have yet to add essential oils, though they would work well. I also made a few with flax seed, it’s pricier than a jumbo pack of rice if you are making gifts, but sooo much nicer. I am actually going to be adding a tutorial post for the packs. I hardly know how to sew, but still super easy, quick and inexpensive. Only about $1 per pack. I need to make more. We are constantly using them for aches or just to be cozy during the winter. 5 people and 2 packs is not working 🙂 Happy to hear from you again.


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