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8 Subscription Boxes For Tween Girls She’ll Love

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I’ve found some of the coolest subscription boxes for tween girls!

I don’t believe you can go wrong with one of these. Don’t think they’re only for tweens because any teenage girl would enjoy one of these too.

Looking for a great gift? Check out these super cool subscription boxes for tween girls.


Pura Vida Bracelets Monthly Club

If your girl loves jewelry,  shop Pura Vida for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and charms.  Seriously adorable designs for all ages and styles.


Art lovers rejoice!

This art subscription box is a fun gift for artists of all ages.

You can start receiving carefully curated art supplies today!

Learn new techniques to help you grow as an artist.

Explore new art mediums paired with all the required accessories and step-by-step instructions.

Use your art subscription box goodies and post your completed project for a chance to be a monthly winner!

  • 6+ FULL-SIZED art supplies.
  • A unique project in 6 simple steps.
  • Tutorials created by your favorite YouTube Artists!


STRONG self(ie) is a movement inspiring all girls to feel like their STRONG self(ie). We deliver handpicked items that are purposeful, positive, and powerful.

from the Strong Selfie website

from the Strong Selfie website

Each season the STRONG self(ie) box delivers a toolkit full of trendy products that will empower her health(ie), smart(ie) beaut(Vida) and funn(ie) selfie, kindness cards and tips for how parents can connect with their daughters.

Explore what it means to be part of the STRONG self(ie) movement, order your first box today and get ready to #strikeyourstrongselfie.

Enjoy trendy, hand-picked items that send a positive message.

Have fun discovering how STRONG you are!

Use the items inside your box to feel confident, spread kindness and be true to yourself(ie).

For girls 8-12 there’s the Bloom Box – The perfect subscription box for tween girls

For girls 13-17 there’s Burst Box

I love the Strong Selfie Instagram account 😍

Check it out! #showyourSTRONGselfie


A subscription box that merges menstrual care and fun! 

This subscription box is AMAAAZING! Shark Week Survival Kit is filled with holistic PMS care, snacks, healing teas, and pampering products. Their pads and tampons are organic and they prioritize sourcing their box items from small and female-owned businesses.

  • organic pads and tampons
  • essential oils and/or essential oil-infused products
  • Chocolate every month!
  • healing tea blends

Customize according to your needs…7 different kits beginning with Little Shark.

It’s everything a girl could want in a self-care box, delivered to your door.

Read this if you’d rather put together your own comfort care kit for periods.


Fun socks!

The panda creates socks with colorful designs that are made of high-quality materials, usually 85% Peruvian cotton.

Some are bright and colorful, some are more subtle.

All of them have patterns or graphics that will get compliments.

You will receive different designs every month.

It’s a surprise every month.

The Sock Panda picks the best designs and makes sure that you don’t receive the same pair twice.

With every sock purchased, they give a pair to those in need.

As of 2022, the company has donated nearly 143,000 socks to homeless shelters, low-income senior centers, hospitals, and underprivileged classrooms throughout the country.

Sock Panda Subscriptions are available for toddlers, tweens, women, and men.



Do you have a sporty tween girl?

Get sports fun & training delivered monthly in a box from Sports Box!

Baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, football & soccer boxes customized for kids of all ages.

Boy and girl options as well as one-time gift boxes.


This is seriously so cool!  I want one.

The subject of some of the adventures is mature, such as a murder mystery, so it may be better for older kids, but it was just too cool not to include in this list.

If it’s mysteries and puzzles that get your tween excited, try this gift box from Dispatch  Breakout Games.

The adventure is delivered directly to your door, every month.

Open the box to find physical clues that lead you to the web and back to the real world to unravel a mysterious crime.

Want a game that keeps on giving a gift over and over?

Sign up for multiple months and save big.

After your first storyline, they automatically send you the next one.

For a huge selection of subscription boxes for tweens and teens head over here!

Have you tried any of these subscription boxes for tween girls or a different one not listed here?  Comment below!

Have something different in mind when it comes to presents?


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Looking for a great gift? Check out these super cool subscription boxes for tween girls.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.