5 Chores Your Tweens Should Be Doing

Tweens should be doing these 5 chores so you don't have to

Tired of doing it all? Had enough of entitled attitudes from tweens and teens? Want more time for you? Want to yell less and be happier? Then read on because tweens and teens could be doing these 5 chores that are on your plate. Here’s my opinion on why chores are so important for you … Read more

Top Reasons Why Kids Need Chores

These top reasons why chores for kids can have such an impact on your life and theirs. Click over to find out these teach kids, one may surprise you! #chores #teens

Getting your kids to do chores can be a pain sometimes but unless you want to be the one doing everything all the time it’s a great routine to get into. This is a huge gift to you and your kids. Really! When you allow kids to do chores they learn responsibility for themselves, service … Read more

3 Valentine’s Day Ideas as a Single Mom

Valentine's Day as a single mom doesn't have to be depressing. Hop on over for one of these fun ideas to make it the best Valentine's Day you can.

Okay, let’s face it…your first Valentine’s Day as a newly single mom is probably going to suck. You’re still sad, mad, lonely or all three. How much more can it be rubbed in and highlighted than a national holiday celebrating lovers? 😣 *Sigh  So what’s a single girl, a single mom to do on Valentine’s … Read more

75 Self-Care Ideas for Moms

Learn why self-care for moms is so critically important to your marriage, your kids and all your relationships. Includes a printable of 75 self-care ideas.

75 Self-care ideas for moms I started out writing this post with the newly single mom in mind.  If you’re newly single, I see you.   You might like: Newly Separated? 5 Things You Must Do Right Away After a few paragraphs and a few days to let things percolate, I decided that this really is … Read more

Favorite Tween Posts from 2018

Click here to read the favorite best tween posts from 2018. These are the posts readers of our sit loved most last year. #tweens

TOP 10 PARDON ME, MY CROWN SLIPPED BEST POSTS FROM 2018 While 2018 turned out to be a craptastic year for me personally, my blog has really taken off. 2018 saw my traffic soar to over 30k viewers per month.  This allowed me to qualify for Mediavine, the awesome ad agency that’s bringing dollars to … Read more

Newly Separated from Your Spouse? Do These 5 Things Right Away

Being newly separated and possibly heading for divorce is a scary time. Use these tips to gain some control over the overwhelm. #divorce #separation #marriageproblems

Being recently separated from your spouse isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Sometimes that means a focus for a recommitting to a stronger, happier marriage, sometimes it brings a brand new life without your spouse. Either way, these tips truly will be … Read more

DIY Period To Go Kit

Be prepared for starting your period when on the go with this quick and easy DIY period to go kit

DIY Period To Go Kit for Tween Girls If she hasn’t started her period yet it’s not too soon to put together a kit for periods on the go.  Once menstruation begins it’s only a matter of time that it happens when not at home.  A period to go kit is the best way to … Read more

Birthday Party Themes for Tween Girls

Check out these cool birthday party themes for tween girls

Birthday Party Themes for Tween Girls Making your daughter a cool birthday party with a trendy theme doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Dollar stores, thrift stores, DIY and even borrowing items can make even your eye-rolling tween squeal with delight over one of these birthday party ideas for tween girls. If you need party planning … Read more

Subscription Boxes For Tween Girls

Looking for a gift? How about one of these great subscription boxes for tween girls

Best Subscription Boxes for Tween Girls 2020 If you’re looking for a great gift, these subscription boxes for tween girls are sooo cool! Tween girls can be picky, but I don’t think you can’t go wrong with one of these. Don’t think they’re only for tweens because any teenage girl would love one of these … Read more