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13 Habits to Make the Changes You Crave

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Whether it’s the New Year and time for resolutions or you’re looking for ways to get you and your family on track (again), here are 13 ways to make it happen

In most of my posts, I refer quite often to other articles on this blog.  

Even though they may be written with teens or tweens in mind, many of them can apply to anyone.

Looking to make changes in your life?   Check out how implementing these habits to make your year the best it can be for real transformation. #resolutions #habits

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1. Get Moving

There are plenty of reasons to get moving. 

Good for the body, mind, and soul…get out there and take your family with you. 

Or not if you’re craving some time alone, particularly after the holiday break.

Am I right?

I know it’s not just me.

Especially in the winter, it’s easy to be stuck to our screens. 

And we have so many things vying for our attention.  

Spouses, work, kids, housework. 

So often we focus on the urgent, rather than the important.

Like putting off seeing the doctor because we’re too busy with day-to-day tasks.

Or letting our kids and household responsibilities get the way of our marriage.

But this habit can give back exponentially by adding to your energy to complete whatever else life throws at you.

And if you do make it a family activity, it enhances important connections (see further on)

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2. Get More Sleep

I’m sure you feel it.

But ask nearly everyone you know and they’ll say it… “I’m so freakin’ tired!”

The reasons are many. 

Staying up late binging Netflix, young kids waking us up, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, and the list goes on.

Read Is Your Tween Getting Enough Sleep? to find help for anyone in your family who is struggling with this one. 

It affects many of the other habits on this list.

Combined with activities from the first habit, you’ll sleep better and will feel less tired.

raspberries splashing into glass of water, lemon in glass of water, kiwi in glass of water

3. Drink More Water

I’m guilty too. 

I know my fatigue, attitude, and headaches are from not drinking enough water.

Never mind the dry lips and skin.

And it’s just a matter of remembering to drink more.

For all these reasons and more check out this article on getting better at creating a good habit of hydrating.

tea cup and dried lavender

4. Slow Things Down and Relax

We all get busy and worked up too much these days.

Sometimes doing less, helps you do more.

And sometimes the best thing we can realize is that slowing down is just better.

No one needs to do it all and if we were really truthful with ourselves no one actually expects us to.

For ideas on helping tweens and teens slow down, which we can incorporate for ourselves too check out this post.

Just try and slow down. It’s hard, isn’t it? To sit and not do. Sure if the tv is on or we have our faces in our phones. But to actually just sit. To just breathe. In the quiet.

One thing I’ve tried lately is putting Youtube on the TV. Yes, I know it’s a screen but hear me out. I called up “fish lullabies” when watching my nephew.

There is one with 12 hours of real ocean footage and soothing sounds. Try it. Perfect for studying, meditation, sleeping, or just relaxing.

promotion for "how to reclaim your castle" worksheets created by this website and to promote a subscription to Pardon Me, My Crown Slipped.

Overwhelmed with all life is throwing you? Check out these worksheets. Subscribers can find them in The Vault. Not a subscriber? Click here.

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5. Start a Journal.

Write it out, track it, explore it. 

Beginning a journal whether in the “Dear Diary” sense or for the purpose of jotting down thoughts and habits so we can explore them, track our progress, and then change direction or cheer ourselves on can be life-changing. 

There is no right or wrong way to journal. 

It’s very personal and can be a jumble of doodles, random thoughts, and inspirational quotes.

It can be neat or messy as our thoughts and feelings tend to be.

Above all else, it should reflect your personality and change as you do.

A consistent habit of journaling really does make you feel better.

Bullet Journal Worksheets for Tweens and Teens

bed with sleep mask, side table with pot of flowers, cream, comb

6. Take Care of Yourself and Teach Your Kids to Do the Same

This is my biggest issue right here.

I know it gets thrown all over the place about self-care and how moms let themselves go, but it really is true in my house.

I have experienced both ends of the spectrum and seen true transformation when I do all the right things for myself.

How focusing on daily habits positively affects me and everyone around me.

The difficulty is maintaining it and not sliding backward no matter how many times I tell myself I won’t.

Repeatedly I put everyone else first and disregard myself.

I go into much more detail in these posts.

Teach your kids by example but give them tools to help them understand how to take care of themselves too with these worksheets.

If you’re already a subscriber, they’re accessible in The Vault .

If not, subscribe here!

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7. Change Your Eating Habits

I can’t pretend to promote any specialty diets out there. 

I’ve honestly never done any of them. 

I don’t have an issue with my weight, allergies, or other health issues. (though, closing in on 50 FAST so…hmmm)  

But what I can say is, no matter what it is you need to do for your family, then do it.

If that means eating keto or whole foods or any other options out there, then give it a try.  

Maybe it just means eating less take-out, learning more variety in meals, easier meals to help with stressful evenings, or ways to get everyone around the dinner table together more often.

Try:  Best Small Kitchen Appliances Busy, Forgetful and Sometimes Lazy Moms Can’t Do Without

Make meals that bring you together and create joy.  

Maybe you struggle with all of it, the planning, the cooking, and the constant asking of “what’s for dinner?” from kids who don’t want what you made anyway. Unless it’s this tasty dish.

Is it something you can hand off to a spouse, do a trade-off with a neighbor or let one of your kids become the chef of the house?  

Could a meal service be the way to go?

frankie cordoba 557856 unsplash

8. Tackle Attitudes and Outlook

The saying “attitude is everything.”, really is true.

It affects everything we do, think about and conversation we have during the day.

Moods make or break how nearly every situation goes.

This one easily falls into becoming a good habit or a bad one.

Whether it’s us or our kids working on how we approach our work and our relationships can change our lives dramatically even if nothing else changes.

Instead of launching into a list of all the things going wrong, every time anyone asks how you’re doing say “Fantastic”.

It’s funny it does work to change how you think.

Besides no one really wants to hear all that “junk” anyway.

If attitudes in your lives need a boost read…

How to Help Tweens with Their Attitudes

Then be sure to download the FREE printables to transform regular habits into better attitudes.

Use these bullet journal tracking sheets to watch patterns emerge and learn mood triggers. See the link between daily habits and mood. Gives kids a chance to learn how to take an active role in how they feel. See how self-care is not only okay, but essential. #bulletjournal #tweens #teens #parenting

While this post, was written with a focus on surviving during a marital separation, the tips can apply to anyone looking to get back on track within themselves.

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9. Learn to Love Learning

Being nearly at the halfway point for the school year as parents and students, we know what’s working and what isn’t. 

Is it time to push harder? 

Find new habits?

Or possibly begin planning for next year and beyond?  

Check out this post for some cool tools to make all your school dreams happen.

How to Succeed In High School and Prep for College

If it’s a work situation, what can you learn to move further?

Is there a skill that would help you advance at work, help you stand out, or just make your job easier?

It could be related to technology, trade-specific or even improving people skills.

Maybe you want to get out of your job.

What do you want to do?

Change jobs, change careers, return to school, or work from home?

Brainstorm and research your options.

Map it out.

It’ll make it clearer and give you a better sense of what to do next.

The internet makes it easy to learn anything, from anywhere.

You’d be surprised at how many courses and subjects are available online.

And amazingly, so much of it is free!

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10. Connect With Your Loved Ones

It’s never too late to try and heal relationships, create new connections or enhance the relationships we have.

If that’s this habit is your focus this year (or month), you’ll love…

to do 2607082 1280

11. Get Things Done

I know for me tackling home projects of all kinds is a favorite, if I can find the time.  

They put me in a good mood and I really feel great if I can accomplish something that can be seen. 

Even if I’m the only one who notices or cares.

Try one of these printables to help you.

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12. Plan Some Time Away

A family vacation, just you and your spouse or all by yourself can be a great way to rejuvenate.

Just one night can be a boost if it’s all you can manage.

Can’t afford it?

I hear you!

Can your kids stay with relatives, so you can at least be at home without the bedtime routines and interruptions?

What about a trade-off with another family?

Sometimes you just can’t relax when all the things you need to get done are calling to you.

Here are some printables for getting away and if you just can’t…try a staycation.

Use this create your own 30-day challenge printable to conquer any goal you set.  #exercise #fitness #writing #declutter #relationshipchallenge #justdoit

13. Challenge Yourself

Above all challenge yourself this year.  

It could be anything on this list of habits or any other idea you can come up with.  

Do something.

Plan something.

Learn something.


Work, relationships, finances, mind, body, soul, even books to read…

You can use this DIY Challenge Worksheet to create any goal you want. 

Print out the challenge template and for just 30 days see what you can do!

Whether you keep repeating the goal month after month or switch it up.

With the ideas above you could easily do it that way.

Focus on just habit, idea, or just the next step.

You could even fall short and still be further than you are today.

I saw a cool idea.

Write each accomplishment, no matter how small on a slip of paper.

Put it into a jar.

Watch it fill up.

Let it motivate you.

At the end of the year just see all the things you accomplished with your new habits.

It’s a great way to see how far you’ve come and to realize how much you really can do.

Let me know which habit you’re going to try in the comments!

Then come back and tell me how it worked out.

Looking to make changes in your life?   Check out how implementing these habits to make your year the best it can be for real transformation. #resolutions #habits

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Jared James

Sunday 30th of August 2020

These are some incredible tips, I think I can borrow some :)

Laurie O'Rourke

Saturday 5th of September 2020

That's great Jared! Thanks for commenting

John Spear

Saturday 25th of January 2020

Very Well Explained... something I loved to read, thanks for sharing.. I'll try to implement some :)

Laurie O'Rourke

Saturday 16th of May 2020

Hi John, One step at a time can sure make a difference in a year. Thanks for commenting.

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