3 Fun Ideas When Your Teens Are Too Old for Trick or Treat

Kids too old for trick or treat? Keep it fun by trying one of these!

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Halloween when we first become moms we can’t wait to dress up our little pumpkins, as well little pumpkins.


We dress them up and push them in strollers while they sleep all just to show them off and score some candy for ourselves.


Candy, which by the way, lives under your bed every year from Halloween bedtime until you, gain 5 pounds because you binge on it every night once they go to sleep, and finally throw it away sometime around Thanksgiving.  Just me?


Soon come the times where we nudge them up to strangers doors asking for candy…


WTF when you really think about that by the way…ūüė®


all the while reminding them to “only take one”, say “Trick or Treat” and “Thank You”.


Soon it’s a bunch of your little minions going around while you herd them away from teens dressed as scary shit before they won’t sleep at night while you binge on their candy.


They walk around and stumble over costumes and each other still trying to get more than one, but at least they remember to say “Thank You” as they drop their bags and their costume props and ask to go to the bathroom again.


And you grumble as you curse the cool costumes kids in warm weather states get to wear while your fairy princess and cowboy wear seven layers of clothing under their costume and you make them wear a winter hat between houses that are more than 30 feet apart.


After years filled with costumes that are itchy and fall apart before you leave the house.

Long after the babies in strollers that don’t care and just around the time all the eye rolls begin you wonder what to do when your kids are too old for trick or treat.



Kids too old for trick or treat? Keep it fun by trying one of these!


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1. Have a Costume Party


This way the kids still get to dress up but you’re home and it’s warm there. ¬†This makes costume choices so much easier and waaay more fun. ¬†No layers, no choosing based on weather.


While we haven’t dressed up too many times as adults, when we did it was fun. ¬†I remember the time we went as pirates, and I got my husband to wear eyeliner. ¬† OH.¬† MY.¬† GOD. …. let’s just say¬†I barely made it through dinner at the restaurant.ūüėŹ





2.  Decorate Your Yard and Hand Out Candy


I have always wanted to do this.  I say it every year but we have yet to do it. Though in my defense we are still doing the trick or treat thing.  Maybe this year I can convince them.


When I was a kid, I had a friend who’s parents did this every year. ¬†They filled the yard with decorations, the awesome homemade kind. ¬†Then they would both dress up.


One year I remember her mom dressed as a witch.  She filled a huge cauldron with candy and had it in the front yard.

To get candy, you had to get it and there she was stirring the pot.  I knew it was her, knew her mom well, but it was still scary.


Another year, the dad was dressed like a dummy sitting next to the front step, you just thought he was fake.  When you came to knock he would grab your ankle.  Never saw it coming.


3. Go to a Haunted House


I hate scary things.  Hate scary movies, all of it.

But if you like that sort of thing and your kids won’t sleep with you for the next 10 years. ¬†Try this one.


There are places that set up just for Halloween with scary corn mazes, haunted houses or buildings.  Sometimes local high schools will use them as fundraisers.



We actually have a haunted house the next city over that does tours year round, including Halloween.  This is it. 


too old for trick or treat
SK. Pierce Mansion photo credit: www.onlyinyourstate.com


You couldn’t pay me to do this. ¬†Pretty sure I would cry.¬† For real, actually, cryūüėĪūüė≠


I won’t go and you can’t make me.


But people looove this stuff.


What do you do for Halloween?



Kids too old for trick or treat? Keep it fun by trying one of these!



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